Do you know that your subconscious is actually an open book?

2018-03-31 10.37.11
A neuromarketing expert can read your mind. After 15 years of developing a new “neurodiscipline” of marketing, your subconscious, with a few simple steps and prerequisites, becomes an open book.
Such research is the task of finding out what attracts, repels, angers, frightens, or delights our subconscious. He uses all this information to prepare us the perfect product for which we do not find flaws.
Based on existing research, it is learned that when asked directly, people do not say everything that influences their conscious decisions. To put it simply, they are not aware that their subconscious is managing decisions about choosing a destination, hotel, restaurant, etc. This is why experts have tried to connect with the subconscious.
When neuromarketing research began, the only device that had technology back then was magnetic resonance imaging. Americans first started using it for marketing purposes. It worked by positioning the person in the device, displaying colors, signs, marks. Based on the record of brain reactions, decisions are made about how much is affected in the marketing and marketing sense or not.
However, the use of magnetic resonance imaging for marketing purposes is quite an expensive “sport”, and such detailed research could only afford America. Fortunately, technology has advanced over the years, and the first eye trackers have emerged that capture the impact of audiovisual stimuli on the subconscious of respondents.

You need one laptop, an eye tracker on your eyes. They play you videos or photos. So they can record what your pupil of the eye is exactly focused on, they can record your emotions, your boredom level, your intensity. On what principle the new “discipline” of neuromarketing works, you can see in the following video. Colors are shown on the right. Green is a delight, to red that indicates everything the viewer sees negatively.
Marketing professionals have decided to use such new opportunities for the purpose of exploring the consciousness and subconscious of tourists when choosing a tourist destination.
As for Croatia, the results were more than interesting.
However, when various historical units are shown on the screen, the condition of the brain waves in the subjects shows certainty. The same feeling a man has when he’s in a dark street but surrounded by police. Historical units make them feel safe. This is one of the more interesting examples of how people consciously speak. Their brains show something else. The information gathered from neuromarketing research is relevant. They indicate the actual views and opinions of an individual about something.

More recently, there is an understanding at the institutional levels for new insights from neuromarketing research.

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