Remove unwanted scents from shoes with tea bags (the result is visible overnight)

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Your old shoes have an unpleasant odor although they can still be used. To bring freshness to your boots, shoes or sneakers, you will need two dry bags of tea.
A cleaning expert has discovered a simple and effective trick to keep indoor shoes fresh.
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British Lynsey Crombie, who posts on Instagram under the moniker Lynsey Queen of Clean, advises to let tea bags stand overnight. The longer you keep the tea in your shoes, the better the effect.

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✨Cleaning Tip Tuesday✨ . An oldie but a goodie today especially as the weather is heating up and there is nothing worse than smelly shoes . Pop a few unused tea bags inside your smelly shoes to fight off bad odours that are caused by heat and bacteria . Leave to sit over night in a warm dry place. The longer you leave the better . Any tea bags will work even the minty herbal ones. Tea bags are super absorbent and will suck the moisturiser and smell right out . To save waste make sure you reuse the ones from your shoes for other household tasks. Tea bags actually have lots of uses from cleaning marks of windows and mirrors to fertilising your plants . . . . #cleaningtiptuesday #smellyshoes #cleaningtip #clean #cleaning #advice #motivation #queenofclean #bacteria #freshfeet #trainners #nike #teabags #trick #homehack #familylife #mumsproblems

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The author of “How to Clean Your House: Easy Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy Up Your Life” has revealed how you can put any type of footwear tea. Herbal teas are the most effective because they extract the most moisture.

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