21 November 2019-The World’s Television Day

A variety of television content that entertains, informs and inspires (21 November 2019- The World Television Day)
The theme of global celebration is Diversity. Television offers an unprecedented variety of films and series, credible news, informative documentaries, entertaining shows and other content to viewers worldwide. Millions of stories just waiting to be discovered change the viewer’s perception of the world. This top-of-the-line content available where and when it suits you across a range of TV platforms inspires curiosity, interest and viewer loyalty in an ever-completely secure environment.
The theme of Diversity is a broader social theme that is increasingly appearing on television programs and advertising campaigns. Through the wide range of content offered, television plays a powerful role as a force for good and contributes to democratic debate in society. A variety of quality content can inspire viewers to broaden their vistas and peek beyond everyday life through inspirational shows.
Diversity is a critical component of a positive and vibrant society. It should be seen as wealth, not as a threat. Any effort at the premise of Leave No One Behind can only contribute to a better world, said Caroline Petit, deputy director of the United Nations Regional Information Center for Europe (UNRIC).
Television is truly embedded in the lives of so many different people around the world. With millions of stories at hand, viewers are invited to an endless journey filled with discoveries. This is also a trusted environment that advertisers are looking for more than ever. We invite everyone to once again celebrate our media around the world – now and the many years to come, says Katty Roberfroid, CEO of Egta.

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