What happens on the Internet in 60 seconds

internet 3
Lori Lewis and Officially Chadd have posted an iconography on the Visual Capitalist page showing what happens on the internet in 1 minute of 2019 time.
Have you ever wondered what happens on the internet in one minute? What happens in 60 seconds?
internet u 60 sekundi
Lori Lewis, along with Officially Chadd on the Visual Capitalist page, answered this question. They released estimates for 2019 in specific numbers. What will happen on the internet in one minute, (based on the data so far).
Thus, it was assumed that 3.8 million terms per minute would be searched through Google’s search engine. As many as a million users will log into Facebook in 60 seconds. 18.1 million SMS messages per minute will be sent. 41.6 million messages will be sent via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. 4.5 million videos will be watched on YouTube.
Also, 390 030 applications will be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
There will be 347 222 users per instagram on instagram. It will post 87,500 users per minute on Twitter, while SnapChat will post as many as 2.1 million snaps.
Considering the online shopping so far, it was estimated that $ 996,956 per minute would be spent.
internet u 60 sekundi

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