Natural, useful and authentic straw products

suveniri kakanj

Straw products and various items are completely natural, authentic and environmentally friendly. Straw is a natural material used in so-called green technology. Straw products are mostly handmade and eco-friendly products.
 Pressed straw products are a substitute for the production of useful and decorative items from some other materials (which are environmental pollutants). These materials are polymer-based and non-biodegradable. Their exploitation reduces significant forest holdings.
The quantities of straw (as raw material) are almost unlimited. As long as people use cereals in their diet – there will be straw.
The biodegradability of straw products is 100%.
The recovery time of the raw material (straw) is one year, which is a much smaller period than the recovery time of the wood.
The method of drying poured straw semi-finished products in the late spring, summer and early autumn is in the open air using solar energy. It can be rightly said that this technology is energy efficient. In the rest of the year, drying is most often done in mini-dryers (for example, due to the capacity of 0.48 m3 of 600W power, where the minimum consumption of electricity per unit of product is achieved).
It is also possible to reuse (recycle) waste in dry matter to prepare a casting mixture (molding) of semi-finished products.
Products made from pressed straw require a lot of manual labor and are labor intensive.

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Household items are often used in different items than hay and straw. Such products made of natural materials cannot be replaced or squeezed out by plastic products (bread baskets, laundry baskets, bags, floor and wall coverings, etc.). It is very easy to manufacture straw and husk items. Straw and neighbor can be dyed. The choice of colors depends on the geographical origin of the product. Production does not require large material investments. It is necessary to have one room (which can be used for other purposes). The workforce can be any person with preserved upper extremity motor. There are good employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The necessary knowledge and practice to do the job are acquired through training over one month.
There is only one souvenir shop in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Kakanj) with products made of straw paintings. It opened in 2018. The owners are Jasmin and Nermina Fejzić from Kakanj. They are the only ones who make straw paintings. The interest in making straw paintings dates back to 1988 when Nermin’s sister in Czechoslovakia received a very beautiful and professionally made straw painting prize.
The primary interest of the Fejzić family is the production of straw paintings that try to preserve the rich culture and traditions of Bosnia and Herzegovina through oblivion through cultural and historical motifs.
Straw painting is a year-round job. After harvesting, the straw is stored in a designated area for at least two years. The straw is mainly made from cereals, rye, barley and oats, but not wheat (because it is not suitable for making pictures).
Jasmina and Nermin opened the first real gift shop in Kakanj with the help of the Kakanj Municipality project “Start your business in Kakanj”.
Pošpaić Woodwork Crafts is the Company from Croatia
Pospaić woodwork Crafts for making knitted and wooden fancy goods (including straw products)
Address:Šemovec, Koprivnička 18 42202 Trnovec Bartolovečki,Croatia
Tel. number: +385 (0)42 657 020
Email address:

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