3 magical plants for happiness, love and success in your home

bambus 2
Ancient Philosophy Feng shui considers these 3 plants magical because they bring love, money and happiness to your home!
1. Bamboo
Happy bamboo is easy to maintain. Feng shui masters believe that it attracts positive energy. A twisted version of the bamboo tree attracts success. If you want a happy love and a stable marriage – put two bamboos in one vase.
For more success and money in the house, keep 3 or 9 bamboos.
The best position is the left side of the house, farthest from the front door.
2. Orchid
The magical orchid flower in feng shui is used to find new love.
If you are lonely, use the magic of the orchid. Keep one in the bedroom, on the bedside table next to the bed.orhideja
3. Golden ivy
A decorative plant that fits perfectly into any home. Golden ivy is perfect for repelling negative energy.
zlatni bršljan
A “dead” corner in the house or empty shelves are the ideal corner for golden ivy. This plant rejects negatively and attracts light-emphasize feng shui masters.

Photos: http://www.pixabay.com http://www.unsplash.com

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