Choose one pigeon and find out what will happen in the next 3 days!

Choose one pigeon and find out what will happen in the next 3 days. It will come to fruition if you believe and wait patiently. We assure you, the message will be positive.
Pigeon 1: Hope
You are very kind and generous in nature. Always do a lot of things for others. You are ready to help anyone who needs help.
Now is the time to get the reward for your hard work. Good things and events come to your life. You must allow the Universe to guide you.
Open your hands. Feel worthy of love, success and happiness. You will be rewarded!
Pigeon 2: Abundance
You are a happy and strong enough person. Sometimes you will face difficulties. It will make you a stronger person.
Don’t let anyone influence you and ruin your plans.
You have strength within you. This will help you reach your goals. Love life and enjoy every moment. Believe in yourself. Good things come into your life.
Pigeon 3: Power
Your strength is in your pure love. You are a sensitive and communicative person. These features will help you much more than you expected at the beginning.
Be confident. You will get what you deserve. Don’t give up.
Everything will happen in due time. Don’t lose hope. Do not stop fighting for your dreams. The universe is ready to give you what you have been looking for.

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