Cute and lively squirrel animals (Video)

Cute Squirrel Tailed Squirrel Animals (Video)
Squirrels belong to the largest group of mammals (from the Sciuridae family) – rodents. They live in forests, gardens and city parks. They are active mostly during the day. Although they sleep in the winter, squirrels occasionally wake up. They have a tuft of hair at the tip of the ear in winter. It grows to 24 (19.5-28) cm + tail 19 (14-24) cm.
The upper part of the squirrel is red-brown or black (mountain). The lower part is white.
Squirrels build ball nests in the tree canopy. They hide their food and their cubs in their nests. The squirrel diet consists of berries, fruits, mushrooms, eggs, seeds and young birds. Complement the nest on the spruce branches with some artificial woolen material. On an old high poplar, a ball nest will be made high on a tree. Each individual builds several nests: rest, food storage and rearing.
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January to July is the period of mating squirrels. Squirrel bears cubs for 38 days. Shuttering lasts from February to August 2-5 times for 3-7 young people (31 days blind, 35-42 days off, 49-56 days independent, 12 months sexually mature).
Squirrels live on average 8 to 10 years.
A typical representative of the Sciuridae family are long-tailed squirrels. They inhabit Europe, Asia and America. There are flying squirrels in the Sciuridae family. Flying squirrels from the Anomaluridae family inhabit Africa and are not from this group. The most famous species of squirrel is Red Squirrel.
There are about 200 species of squirrels in the world There are only two species of squirrels in Europe – gray squirrel and red squirrel. Along with the red squirrel, which until the 1970s was the only resident of Europe, we have recently seen a gray squirrel on the old continent. The first specimens, imported from North America, were released in Italy. The last 50 or so years have expanded tremendously. They threaten the survival of a protected red squirrel.
Cute squalid and upright tail and almost human appearance (as they sit on their hind paws and nibble on food) squirrels are well known to all. They can often be seen in parks in neighborhoods. Gray squirrels often get a light brownish tint in summer, especially on the back and hips, so they are easy to replace with reds. Red squirrels have hairy tufts on the tips of their ears during the winter months. Gray squirrels never have hairy tufts.
Both types of squirrels love hazelnuts. There are more gray squirrels. They are more voracious even though they might eat acorns that red squirrels do not like (they cannot digest well). No species of squirrels hibernate. Although less active, the advantage is a gray squirrel that accumulates a much thicker layer of fat (during winter). In the UK, local populations of red squirrels have disappeared in just 15 years after the arrival of gray squirrels.
When a hazelnut is found, the squirrel first checks to see if it is edible. Sometimes he doesn’t eat it right away, but saves it in a pantry for black days. The squirrel glands on the lips of a squirrel signify food. He buries the food as deep as possible, on soft ground. Then, with his tail raised, he embarks on a new quest. The squirrel smells hazelnut even under the snow cover.

The documentary team took a squirrel test to make the documentary ‘A Squirrel’s Guide to Success’. The test included the blue and red platforms along which the animal would have to jump to reach the hazel. The blue platforms were stable, the red platforms were movable. Some squirrels immediately gave up on the search for hazelnuts. They successfully overcame the problem of how to get a meal.

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