Laurel is a symbol of victory and delicious food

Botanists interpret the scientific name of laurel (Laurus nobilis) in various ways. The scientific name of the laurel is derived from the Latin language “laurus” (victory) and nobilis (noble, famous). “Daphne” (the virgin Apollo was in love with) is the Greek name for laurel.
Laurel has mystical properties
The laurel wreath is a symbol of victorious glory from ancient times. The strong aroma with the scent of the smoke of the burning leaves was a link with the extraneous one of the ancient Hellenes. This specific aroma was a source of inspiration for the artist. They considered it the message of the mighty Apollo. The symbolism of the laurel has been preserved to this day. The winner of the award or the highest prize is called a laureate. The term “sleep on the laurels” means a person who disguises his current shortcomings with past successes. The fact is that laurel leaves enhance the taste of strong cooked meals around the world.
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Laurel is an evergreen tree (shrub) with black bark. Special cells (idioblasts) with essential oils and alkaloids are found in all parts of the plant. The leaves of the laurel are elliptical, tapered on both sides, poorly harvested around the perimeter. The leaves are dark green with a skin-like appearance. They are alternately arranged. The plants are dioecious, the flowers are unipolar. The flowers are collected in a thyroid inflorescence. The tiny laurel flowers have whitish green leaves of the perigon. The male leaves have plenty of anthers. The female leaf with a hail is made of a single leaf for fertilization. The laurel fruit is an egg-shaped bone of black and blue. It is 15 millimeters long.
Laurel grows in the Mediterranean area
Turkey is the largest laurel producer in the world. Laurel grows in Mediterranean hardwood forests. Laurel is a native plant in the Mediterranean area. Due to their useful properties, laurel is often grown on farms. The leaves and fruits of laurel are used for use. The laurel leaves gather during the winter. The fruits are harvested during October and November when they are fully ripe. The laurel essential oil is used in the aromatherapy and perfume industries. The laurel leaf contains 2% of essential oil and 1.8% of other substances (cineole, pinene, eugenol, terpineol, tannin, isoquinolone alkaloids-reticulin). The taste of laurel leaves is bitter, slightly angry , pungent and aromatic. Laurel oil has strong antifungal properties. It has analgesic and rubefacient effects (in rheumatic pain). The leaves of laurel were once added to alcoholic beverages (beer) to enhance the taste. The laurel fruits were once used as a mountain remedy. Today they are used for oil squeezing.
Nowadays, laurel oil is used at sites of stabbing or dislocation. It is used for bloating. It should be borne in mind that laurel has a certain narcotic effect.

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