8 Practical Tips by Feng Shui Principles

1. If you want to improve your health, get rid of things that block and block the flow of energy in the kitchen (kitchen cabinets and refrigerator). The state of the kitchen is the state of your health. Thoroughly clean the kitchen.
Get the bad things out of the fridge. Clean the hob thoroughly. Clean all pots and pans thoroughly. Use natural agents (not chemicals). Clear all drawers, surfaces, lamps, etc. Create a new path for strong Chi to feed your energy.
2. Bring three new jars with Feng shui plants into the house. It will refresh the energy of space and symbolize a new beginning. If you plan to place them in the kitchen, get lush and aromatic plants (basil, rosemary or mint). Focus on the front door and the kitchen. They are firmly bound to health.
3. Thoroughly clean and dispose of unnecessary items from your bedroom and bathroom. Throw away everything you haven’t used in the last 6 months. Wipe the space under the bed, clean the windows, decorate your bathroom and room.
4. If you want a new love affair, design a space for that person in your home. Clean your cabinets for better flow and more space. You should literally make an open flow of energy in your home to attract and manifest what you are looking for.
5. Examine your bookshelves. Separate books to donate or donate to friends. When you do, you have made room for fresh ideas to come into your life. You can buy several new books at the bookstore that are energetic, compelling and give you a sense of engagement (if you have the options to buy).
6. Let your finances have a better flow. Worship season is spring but every other season is welcome. You want to make sure that the action does not come at the expense of your prosperity. Go through your files, finances, accounts. Think of new investment or savings ideas. Opt for cash. Generally, people tend to impulsively buy cards.
7. The bed maintains inner peace. Feng shui suggests placing the beds so you can easily see the door. It also suggests that the bedside table and the lamp be the same on both sides (to maintain balance and balance). Using warm colors for your bedding will give you a good rest and a loving life.
Get a quality Himalayan lamp that creates very favorable for your health, air quality, wonderful atmosphere and microclimate. The Himalayan lamp is equal to the air along a mountain stream after a spring storm.
8. Last but not least, find the time to do this great cleansing action. Decide, clean and start fresh in the new year. When you renovate your home, you will also restore your body, mind and spirit. Step into a new lifestyle and fill it with a happy and healthy energy boost.
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