Follow these tips to make money for your home

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Follow these tips to attract money in your home and always be present at your home:
The day you get paid, don’t spend any of your money. The whole paycheck should “spend the night” in your home (on your bank card or account). The old wisdom wizards advise that you should keep a large note in your home (wallet) for one year (preferably). Your home will, as they claim, be filled with your energy. This large note will start attracting money to your home.
To attract money in your home, place the broom with a wooden handle down.
There will be no money if:
– whistle in the room
– clean the bread crumbs at the table by hand
– do not lend bread and salt to your neighbors
Then security (in cash) can leave your home and go to another home.
Money and days of the week:
-the salary increase is best sought on Wednesdays.
-do not borrow money from others on Monday
-do not lend money to others on Tuesday
-Don’t pay off your money debt (towards someone)on Friday

Money and times of day
Morning is the best part of giving and taking money. Any operations with money in the evening lead to ruin. Try never to ask for money. Try to be more often in the situation of giving money to others. Then you actually “program” the money to keep coming back to you.

Money, clothes and items
Out-of-season clothes (that you keep in closets, basement, garage) try to fill with small paper money (in pockets of clothes). Money does not like punctured pockets or loosening buttons. Never keep your wallet empty. Try to keep a little money (coins) in it at least. The money should be turned to the boss. Keep the smallest banknote (bent into a triangle) in the smallest partition. The wallet should hold the so-called “happy” banknote (the first earned one, received from a good / dear person, obtained after some successful business, and the like). Otherwise, money will not come into your hands.

Money that does not bring happiness if
-it’s earned by gambling or lottery
-obtained unfairly, found new or torn money,
Don’t need to keep it in your wallet. Divide it for humanitarian purposes or spend it fast.
Following these tips makes it clear that money is very easy to lose. It is also not difficult to attract it. Try to adhere to as many tips / policies as you can in order to avoid any losing of money.
Share these tips with everyone you know, your family, friends, neighbors to raise and attract money in your home (wallet). The money will come towards you because you are showing love to money.

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