Rich Fashion History and Museum of the Italian House of Gucci

Gucci muzej 2
The Gucci Museum of Fashion is located in Florence. The Italian brand has unveiled a new website where you can explore some of the premises. You can view current and past exhibitions. The exhibition lineup includes legendary clothing pieces (from floral scarf to bamboo bags). You can explore three areas: ‘The Archive’, ‘Gucci and the Arts’ and ‘The Museo’.
Gucci 3
The Physical Museum of Ideas is the creative director of Frida Giannini. It opened in 2011 on the 90th anniversary of the successful brand. It extends over nearly 2,000 square feet.
“Ever since I first explored the archive, when I was just joining the Gucci team, I felt a deep attachment to the fashion house legacy and wanted to expose the rich history to celebrate the story behind each of our legendary pieces and patterns. That was also my motivation for opening the museum, and today, three years after that, I am overjoyed that the internet allows us to open the door to a global audience, “said Frida, (British magazine )
The Gucci Museum:
Gucci muzej
The Gucci Museum in Florence today has a restaurant and a clothing store. Some notable examples from Gucci’s history can be seen there. The museum is actually an address for people in a “deeper pocket”.
Gucci Museo served as the backdrop for their new store and restaurant, which will serve the pasta of renowned Italian chef Massimo Botture. His restaurant, Osteria Francescana, was named the world’s best restaurant in 2018. Bottura has opened a 50-seat restaurant. It’s called Gucci Osteria. He designed a new menu featuring Italian classics with a modern twist.
Florence is a city that has long been on the world fashion map (with London, Paris, New York and Milan). There is no doubt that this place will have its audience.
The restaurant and hotel industries have long been home to a number of global fashion houses (Ralph Lauren, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Tiffany & Co., Burberry, Versace). Gucci has joined these companies since 2018.
Gucci’s main Instagram profile looks like a showcase for a contemporary author. The brand’s new campaigns really have a slightly twisted artistic note. That wasn’t enough: That’s why Gucci 2018 has created a separate profile. There they will market their perfumes and beauty products. The new Gucci beauty Instagram profile currently looks like a museum profile. Instead of photos of different shades of lipstick, nail polish and makeup faces, this profile contains artworks (kept in different museums). Each work contains a detailed description of it and the context in which it was created.

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