Seven unusual hemp products

konoplja proizvodi
Hemp was the most lucrative American crop in ancient times. A versatile plant that requires little care. Fibers are used in the production of various objects – from rope to paper. US President George Washington was an advocate for cannabis cultivation. He has been growing cannabis on his plantations, MNN reports.(
ver time, the status of hemp as a viable crop in the US has entered dormant status. Commercial production ceased in the late 1950s. Some US states (Colorado, Kentucky, and North Dakota) are working to reintroduce small-scale industrial hemp production. The plant continues to be classified (by the federal government) as a controlled substance even though the THC level in industrial hemp is negligible.
Info plus:
Industrial hemp is not a drug and is legal for planting in many countries in the world. The difference between industrial and Indian hemp is in the amount of THC. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol – the main psychoactive substance found in hemp.
Some varieties of Indian hemp have over 20% THC. Industrial hemp has up to 0.2% THC. This is one hundred times less than Indian. Such negligible concentrations of THC may not cause unintended consequences in our body.
Growing this plant is illegal in the US. Hemp products and raw materials are imported from China, Canada, France, Romania and Turkey. The US is one of the few industrialized countries that does not produce hemp for commercial purposes. There are several theories as to why industrial hemp did not flourish. It all comes down to the “marijuana factor”. Industrial hemp, an adaptive and sustainable plant with serious potential for planet improvement, and marijuana are identical plants. Both of these plants are from cannabis with very different uses.
We will leave the legal questions for another article. The number of different hemp seed, oil and fiber products is amazing. This is a serious multitasking plant. It is used to make all items (from shower curtains to dog toys).

Erba Cycles, is a supplier of beautiful bicycles from Boston. The bikes are handmade from bamboo and hemp. The shoulders, available in several styles from country cruisers to urban ones, are made of light bamboo (which is stronger than steel with joints held by a resistant hemp fiber).
Underwear and clothing
Hemp-based textiles are ultra soft and modern. Unlike bamboo, organic cotton and other sustainable natural fibers grown without pesticides and other agricultural chemicals have not long been recognized in fashion. Times have changed since the 1960s. Braintree, Patagonia, H&M, Calvin Klein and other brands have started using environmentally friendly hemp
Hemp oil has been used for centuries as a skin enhancer and as a softener. It has been used throughout the cosmetic range (from lip blazers to hand creams). In addition to the daily moisturizing properties, natural hemp oil has been used to combat serious skin problems (eczema and psoriasis). It can be found in shampoos and sunscreens. Baths and makeup are easy to find if you are a fan of natural products.
The Body Shop has a wide range of hemp products. Foot cream, body butter, hand cream, etc. Gardeners and anyone whose skin is often exposed to drying elements will benefit from hemp oil.
Canadian company Motive Industries in 2010 unveiled the Kestrel EV. It is a prototype electric car with a body made of biodegradable hemp based material. Its strong and very lightweight body could be revolutionary for electric vehicles. Compared to a car of similar size (Ford Fusion weighs about 1800 kg), Kestrel weighs 1100 kg including the battery. The low tonnage of the car can boost fuel efficiency by 25 to 30 percent.
The use of industrial hemp is the most promising in the industry (house building). Hempcrete – a bio-composite composed of unbranched bundles, or the inner woody core of a plant mixed with water and lime-based binders – is the perfect bio-based building material. It has exceptional insulating properties. Helps owners save on energy bills. It is completely non-toxic. It is ideal for people sensitive to chemicals. It is a solid and sustainable material. This is why it is more commonly used in areas hit by an earthquake for rebuilding. Additionally, hempcrete is impervious to mold, termites and fire. It absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The first house was made in North Carolina in 2010.
Habitat has started offering irresistibly designed skateboards. Their target group is young people concerned about the state of forests.
Skateboarding is a sport. That is why it will be easier to master tricks with hemp skate sneakers or street fashion from classic brands like Vansa, Element and Adidas.
Hemp jogging sneakers
The young Croatian brand Miret (town of Duga Resa) makes sneakers for running and sports. Behind this brand is the long tradition of footwear. They use the highest quality, mostly Italian, materials to make the complexion. Each pair is unique. It can be tracked using a serial number.
For the 2016 season, they produced two models made from industrial hemp, (male Bolt and female Jane). Both models come in light and dark variants.
The models are made from textiles 100% sourced from industrial hemp grown on European farms. Within the overall production process, every effort is made to preserve the health of the participants and to minimize environmental impact. Production takes place without the use of chemicals and paints. In this way, the natural characteristics of industrial hemp (antibacterial properties and breathability) are preserved.
The sole used in these eco-friendly sneakers is ‘eco friendly’. The GoZero High-tech biodegradable rubber outsole has been developed with the highest environmental knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to support the sustainability of eco systems.
The original design, workmanship and superior comfort distinguish the ideal complexion from Miret.

Models are available at Eleven Split.

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