The mint plant drives spiders, bugs and fruit flies out of your home

2019-08-22 08.14.29
As much as we clean our home, spiders, ants and other insects always find ways to emerge. The occurrence of insects is common in a messy and dusty house. An overly clean and tidy house attracts insects as often as cleaning a home.
Spiders and other tiny insects do not tolerate the smell of mint at all.
Therefore, it is a good idea to plant this beneficial and fragrant plant in your home. Mint is cheap and easy to maintain.
The mint plant has a strong aroma that we all love. Insects do not tolerate this aroma. This is why the mint plant will protect your home from spiders, different bugs, insects and fruit flies.
Mix a small amount of mint essential oil with water (10 drops per half liter of water). Pour into sprayer.
With this mix you can spray all the dark corners of your apartment, patio, pantry in the yard. Spray all the places in your home where you have seen spiders and insects.
The pleasant scent of this spray will serve as a natural air freshener that is completely harmless to humans.
How to keep mint in a flower pot?
Reserve the sunniest spot in the apartment for mint planting. This wonderful plant comes in many variations. One of the most popular is peppermint.
Buy mint as a grown plant. When you bring it home, transplant it into a larger container. Mint loves a lot of space and is expanding greatly. The bigger the pan, the better.
The mint plant loves the sun and plenty of water (some mint can only be grown in water). Water the mint once a day or once every two days (water it in the morning). The soil should always be moist enough and not overly soaked.
If the mint starts to vein – it probably doesn’t get enough sunlight or water. Take it out to the sun. Water it more often. Take care of the plant because introduced mint cannot absorb as much water as a healthy plant. /

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