20 Interesting facts about Berlin:

1. The total length of all streets in Berlin is 5413 km. Road distance: Berlin – London = 1093 km. If you want to walk all the streets of Berlin on foot, this equals 5 times from London to Berlin.
2. The longest street in Berlin is Adlergestell (Bezirk Treptow-Köpenick) = 11.9 km
3. The shortest street is called Eiergasse. It is located near Nikolaiviertel. It is only 16 meters long.
4. The widest street in Berlin is the Strasse des 17 June. It is at least 75 meters wide.
5. Berlin covers an area of ​​892 square kilometers. It is nine times larger than Paris.
6. Berlin has more bridges than Venice (about 1,700 bridges).
7. The Berliner Fernsehturm (Television Tower) is 368 meters away. It is the tallest building in Germany and one of the tallest buildings in Europe.
8. The first set of traffic lights in Europe was put into operation at Potsdamer Platz in 1924. A replica of the light still exists.
9. Berlin Hauptbahnhof is the largest railway station in Europe.
10. Berlin is the largest multicultural city in Germany. Over 470,000 permanent residents have foreign passports. People from more than 184 countries are long-term residents of the city.berlin

11.Berlin has over 180 museums.
12.There are over 180 km of waterways within the city limits of Berlin. This makes it possible to explore Berlin by boat.
13.Pigeons in Berlin land over 10,000 kilograms of feces on the streets of Berlin in one day. Watch it when you look up at the sky!
14.The longest sneakerwall in the world is in the heart of Berlin.
15. At Munzstrasse in Berlin Mitte you can find the KICKZ store. This store has about 370 different types of complexion exposed on one wall.
16. The most popular names (given to children in Berlin) are: Leon, Lukas and Ben (male names) and Mia, Hannah and Lena (female names).
17. 110,000 people in Berlin own the dog. This means one dog for every 32 inhabitants of Berlin. This is official information. According to estimates, one dog comes to every twenty residents.
18. The Berlin Wall was 155 km long, of which the wall itself was 106 km long. There were 302 observation towers.
19. Berlin is the greenest city in Germany. There are over 440,000 trees in the streets. There are over 2,500 parks.
20. Berlin has more doner Kebab stores than Istanbul. More than 1600 places sell this Turkish snack. Surprise: the doner, in the form we know and love, was invented in Berlin! Mehmet Aygun invented this donor. He opened his Hasir restaurant in March 1971.
Photos: http://www.unsplash.com http://www.freetoursbyfoot.com

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