Let us show solidarity and help Albania

After a series of devastating and devastating earthquakes in Albania in recent days, rescuers are not losing hope. Every moment of finding survivors is a great success. Teams from Greece, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, France and other countries are on the field. Survivors are also wanted by tracker dogs.
The chances of finding more survivors are slim. Rescuers say hope exists. Albania urgently needs our help. Help of all good people. There are a number of options for how we can all help. Humanitarian phones have been launched in many countries. With your phone call, you are helping Albania. You can take help to your local branch of the International Red Cross / Crescent.
Assistance can come in tents, generators, blankets and canned foods. Let us show solidarity with the injured population of Albania.
The total number of missing persons after the earthquake in Albania has not yet been determined. The assessment of material damage should begin in the coming period. There was no major damage. The Durres hospital was damaged. It should be emphasized that the scale of the disaster may have been affected by problems with illegal activities, construction of buildings, because not all of the city’s neighborhoods were destroyed, but individual buildings.
When damage to buildings and tragic casualties are summed up, the effects of an earthquake will have long-term consequences. This will be the result of mass tourism and unplanned construction in Durres, a city that is the focus of tourism in Albania.

The Albanian government has warned citizens across the country and Europe to be wary of donations for post-earthquake relief as a number of fraudsters have emerged seeking to take advantage of the situation and open fake accounts to raise money.

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