3 types of emails you should never open!

Every internet user should always think about their safety on the internet. An increasing number of users are being educated and informed in this direction. The pitfalls that ill-advised people can place on us are becoming more sophisticated and complicated.
With the development of technology, ways are being developed to guard against a variety of cyber threats. Ways are also being developed to manipulate the user (while online) and to do as much harm as possible. Email is one of the most popular ways that hackers and other groups of cybercriminals can and do attack a user.
There are three types of emails you should never open as a user (unless you want to put your internet security at risk):
The most common and classic way of e-attack is on users who are asked to verify their personal information
You may have been attacked or attempted. You have received an email requesting an xy company or “your” bank to send them personal information and thus “confirm” the existence of your account.
The truth is that no company or bank will ever send you an email asking you to confirm your personal information – by replying to the form they sent you, by replying to an e-mail or by clicking on the link you got. In the event that any company or bank wants you as a user to verify your account, this process will be done in person or through the company’s official website.
You won the prize! Or not? Probably not.
If you used to get an email saying that you all got the main goal from all the players – this is a fraud. get this by email.
All messages of this type are very suspicious. If you get them you don’t need to open them. The best thing to do with them is to wipe them off immediately. Never trust the message that you have won prizes (especially if it is cash).
 Your PC is infected with the latest virus !! It is not.
Creating fear in users is a very effective strategy used by hackers to get what they want from users. When it comes to the internet and technology, is there anything scarier than getting your computer a virus (especially if it’s “new, never seen”)?
It’s not entirely impossible that your computer doesn’t really have a virus. If there is a gai, its consequences will be manifested in different ways (through computer and system problems), certainly not through e-mail notifications.
What should I do when (and if) I receive any of these emails?
The best thing to do is to delete such suspicious emails immediately. It is best not to open them. If you are in doubt (for example, if you really participated in a raffle), you can open the message, but do not click on any links contained within the message.


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