Color therapy according to human preferences

Colors have an incredible impact on people’s health and awareness. Make a small experiment: one day wear black clothes, another day wear blue clothes and use white on the third day (for example). The difference you will feel will be different for each day. Colors create uncontrolled action in the subconscious mind. Colors affect inspiration, productivity and expansion. .
1. White:
Wearing white is a mindfulness exercise. More focus, alertness, and care are needed to clean white clothes. White strengthens and expands the aura (your body’s electromagnetic field). It creates a powerful interface between you and the environment. Because it contains all the colors of the spectrum, it is believed to balance the chakras.
By using white every day you are able to expand your aura. Increase your openness and neutrality by wearing decent clothes that are white and made from natural materials. Natural materials act as energy conduits, channeling prana (life energy) from the environment into the being and filtering negative energy.
The white color “softens” your skin. The skin gets the moisture it needs faster.
2. Red:
It makes your muscles more flexible and your joints more flexible. Helps those with a common cold.
Red gives energy. It arouses, stimulates, gives us a sense of warmth, has a successful effect on the effects of burns, pimples, anti-wrinkles and tired and lifeless skin.
3. Pink:
This color is extremely good for digestion.
colours 2
4. Orange:
Orange relaxes, helps relieve depression, elevates mood and promotes sexuality. It acts on skin regeneration, promotes metabolism.
It rejuvenates the body.
5. Green:
A color that helps fight tumors! It has a sedative effect. Soothes a headache. Helps with gallstones.
Green is soothing, brings harmony, relieves the effects of stress, soothes irritated skin and promotes circulation.
6. Sky-blue:
It is an effective antiseptic and has a positive effect on neurological pain. It is the color that is responsible for the throat, nose and ears. Strengthens the thyroid gland.
If you have trouble speaking, your throat or vocal cords hurt, try wearing this color more often and you will see how it will effectively help you.
7. Yellow:
This is the color that is responsible for the skin, the solar plexus, the liver and the nervous system. It promotes the excretion of toxins from the body and everything unnecessary. It also helps fight cellulite.
Yellow elevates mood, stimulates activity, stimulates optimism, increases concentration power, has beneficial effects on digestive organs.
8. Blue:
It will help you with a healthier spine and spinal cord. Blue clothing is the largest antiseptic of all the colors listed and the most powerful insomnia remedy. Helps with tissue regeneration.
Blue calms, relieves pain, relieves migraines, neck and back pain, and is effective in regulating body weight.
9. Purple:
It is related to inflammatory processes. If you are prone to inflammation of any kind, it is best to wear purple.
Purple acts on the lymphatic system and helps with cellulite therapy. It fosters creativity, spirituality, brings inspiration.
Each color has its own tones, shades, intensity. Care should be taken not to choose a shade that will have an irritating effect on us. We can provide color therapy by paying attention to our preferences. Try to choose clothes that do not reflect your present condition, but how you would like them to feel. Pay attention to choosing colors in the place where you work and live. A good selection of colors will make you feel comfortable in these spaces.
Play, experiment and observe the effect of colors on your mood.
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