An old legend about a man and a sage

The man asked the wise man: “How to get out of the vicious circle of empty everyday life in which there is neither love nor happiness?”
The sage replied, “You can only leave the circle at the point where the beginning and end merge!”
The man thought deeply and set out to find the place where the sky merged with the earth. The horizon was always the same distance. Tired of everything, he sat on the ocean, thinking he had reached the end of the world. The words of the wise men rang in his mind.
For a long time he sat on the shore watching the sun and clouds, and at night the moon and the stars. He finally saw his past and future blend into the present moment and shape his life.
He knew the answer. There is no place in the world where beginnings merge with ends. At each point, the end enters a new beginning at one particular moment.
He looked again for the old man who steered him toward the horizon, determined to master the weather and find out at what point bad luck could be released.
The man asked the sage, “Now I know where the beginning and the end meet, what should I do?”
The sage replied:
“If your past is filled with suffering, wait for the moment when the sun rises on the horizon. Then leave all the suffering behind.
If you’ve been a slave to bad habits in the past, wait for the sun to go up. For the next three days, just do what you want to do for the rest of your life.
If your past is filled with troublesome relationships, then look for some new people. Go with them to your future and leave everyone else behind and don’t look back.
If there was no joy in your life, then do anything that will make you happy, however small it may be. A small piece of work will extend to your entire future.
If there was no love in your life, at that moment you will longingly look into the sun and you will meet the love of your life. ”
The man thanked and went his own way.
He never visited the sage again.
Keep your old troubles behind you, carry only what you want to fulfill your future. If you do, you will meet the love of your life!
So says the old legend of man and sage.

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