Bishop of Melentia: powerful wisdom that cures human sadness, depression and despondency

The Bishop of Timothy Melentia (Metropolitan of Belgrade) wrote in 1914 the book “Spiritual Gold that Buys Heaven”. The bishop dedicated his book to young people and all who wish to live a higher and holy spiritual life.
From this work is an excerpt from the Constitution of the ecclesiastical life of Sv. Anthony the Great. Some of the strict ispositive rules can help in everyday life. The rules can soothe sadness and smallness.
Whatever you start to do, do it humbly, with confidence and perseverance, so God will help you with everything that has happened to you.
Watch out, don’t get sad, don’t be mean. Be in all things, whatever you do in the will of God.
Do not mourn or grieve over the bad thoughts that are attacking you, because the Lord will not forget you, especially if you reject those thoughts that upset you. It will also serve you in your spiritual advancement, in which the grace of God will help you.
Courage and heroism are steadfast in the truth and repulsion of enemy attacks. If you don’t give them up, they will give up and you won’t be bored anymore.
Be humble through all the days of your life.
Consider the one who is inferior to you in good deeds to be equal to you, and consider the one who is equal to you much greater than yourself.
Don’t be jealous of those who are better than you in the good. It would be wonderful if you considered all people bigger and better than yourself. Then God himself would be with you.
Do not associate with the proud, but with the meek and gentle.
Be humble in everything: in body movement, in speech, in action, in sitting, in getting up, in your room, in everything, in front of everyone.
If they begin to praise you for your good deeds, do not rejoice in it and enjoy it. Hide your good deeds as much as you can. Do not let anyone bring them up and generally make sure that people do not praise you.
If anyone rebukes you for any sin you did not commit, do not be angry, but calm down, and God will reward you for it.
Accustom your tongue to say “forgive me” so you will be meek and direct.
If anyone would offend you just say to him/her: Forgive me, brother, for this kind of guidance destroys all the traps of the devil.
Love working and serving others. Your mouth should be patient and you will become meek. Meekness and directness will bring to you the forgiveness of all your sins.

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