Siberian herbalist Lydia N. Surina: Food should be medicine – medicine should be food!


Russian Lydia Nestorovna Surina has been a biologist, phytotherapist and herbalist for 40 years. She has published several books on the medicinal properties of local plants. Her tips are popular around the world.
8 Lydia’s Tips for Living Without a Disease:
1. We get sick more today because we eat a lot of imported food. It is okay to eat imported food, but only 10 percent of the total food intake in our body. When you eat a lot of food that is not in your area, you will not be able to adapt to the conditions of your place of residence. It is the basic law of nature.
I once took ivan-tea (cyprus, Koper tea), which is produced at plants in Salehard, Urengoy, Nadim and Tyumen to check the level of vitamins in them. Ivan tea has been shown to have 6 times more vitamin C than lemon. It turns out that Ivanhard tea growing in Salehard has 20 times more Vitamin C. Vitamin A and carotene content are 10 times higher in Salehard than in Tyumen. Anything that grows further north is rich in vitamins, more than those teas that grow in the south. So how can people from the north eat southern fruits and vegetables?
Do you understand me? You can only get sick of that food!
Ivan the Terrible himself said in 1580: “If you want to conquer the land, bring them other people’s products!” That’s what we do for ourselves today!
2. Many of the foods we eat everyday are garbage; carbonated drinks, chews… They contain aspartame (sweetener), which is 200 times sweeter than sugar. The more you drink that juice, the more you drink and the more you buy. And the country that produced this garbage only gets rich. Aspartame complications: Decreases intelligence, causes headache, nausea, depression, abdominal pain, blurry vision, excitement, unsteady gait, joint damage, obesity, etc. Ask yourself what you are giving your child to drink when drinking a glass of soda!
3. White bread is empty bread. When in the old days was white bread eaten? For holidays only. The rest of the time was eating whole grain bread.
4. My recommendation is to give oats porridge with homemade milk for a month to help clean their lungs. Another month to give them oats boiled on water, with which we will cleanse their liver. And then continue giving oats for three more weeks!
lidija 2
5. My father, as a child, gave me a drink to treat me with an allergy: for three weeks I drank half a glass of milk, which contained 3 drops of iodine. Napoleon himself gave iodine to the soldiers knowing that the lack of it develops dementia.
6. What do cats and dogs eat in the spring? Couch grass. Some eat it and then vomit, which means they are cleansed of toxins. Rice is the most important medicinal plant. It contains silicon. Silicon retains calcium, which means protection against arthritis, arthrosis, gastritis, etc. Take a bunch of young rice. Cook for 10 minutes. Boil that water and cook the rice in the soup. It is a real cure for the elderly. Calcium in tablets cannot help old people.
7. Those who have an ulcer must eat 1 leaf of the plantain (flora) every day.
8. Consume hawthorn, calendula, camomile and garlic every day. It will help you more than any synthetic vitamin.

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