Zlatarna Celje products (Made in Slovenia)

celje 1
The town of Celje is a beautiful city with a rich and noble history. The Romans lived here, and under the princes of Celje, the city flourished and was drawn on the map of Europe. Goldsmithing has a long tradition in Celje, its first beginnings dating back to 1446. The influences of jewelry from all over Europe intertwined in Celje and gave it the sound of a jewelry town. The foundation stone of Zlatarna Celje was laid in 1844.
Today, the company owns the brands Zlatarna Celje and Lencia, has its own production and a strongly developed retail network, through which it generates the majority of its sales revenues in the domestic and foreign markets. It successfully builds its mission on a well-known tradition, quality and brand with wide recognition and a wide range of products.
celje 2


Zlatarna Celje d.o.o.
Kersnikova 19,
3000 Celje,
t: +386 3 42 67 100
f: +386 3 42 67 111


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