New Year’s Eve celebrates with sparkling wine

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New Year’s Eve celebrates with sparkling wine
In addition to champagne, there are other items that can beautify the New Year celebration (New Year’s Eve).
British designer Sophia Webster designed the Clara bag. The bag is sprinkled with crystals that most resemble champagne bubbles. Other champagne-related items are also offered. Champagne pendants will delight ladies across the globe as well as the male population.
Determined, strong and self-sufficient women love jewelry similar to their character. The John Hardy Workshop offers a collection of handmade jewelry called “Made for Legends”. The necklaces, rings and bracelets of the John Hardy collective defy the traditional notion of femininity. The artists create their jewelry inspired by the tradition of handmade jewelry from the island of Bali (Indonesia).
A jeweled vision of the dramatic beauty of the waterfall is in the Tiffany-branded The Falls necklace. 3000 differently polished diamonds totaling more than 100 carats and platinum are the basis of this necklace.
Swiss jewelers and watchmakers from Audemars Piquet are inspired by contemporary design, architecture and art. This stands out when creating Millenary mechanical watches made of white and rose gold. This manufactory, with its collections and achievements (from the previous year), is presented in Geneva every year in January at the SIHH (Salon of High Watch) together with 20 other watchmaking manufactures.
The Chopard Company also has its own watch fairy tale. It offers glittering bracelets, watches and other jewelry for the upcoming winter holidays. Every detail on their jewelry is specially designed. Happy Snowflakes Luxury Watches is a limited edition with 25 handmade watches. The clocks sparkle like white untouched snow in the sun of the Swiss Alps. The dial is lined with glittering pearls and diamonds. Snowflake motifs are on the case and watch glass. The Happy Snowflakes watch edition creates the illusion that real snowflakes are trapped in the watches.

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