Top 5 Advent destinations in Europe

naslov advent
It is difficult to choose the best Advent destinations in Europe among numerous events in different countries and locations. Fans of the Christmas atmosphere are attracted to many European capitals, where they can taste delicacies of international cuisines, listen to local legends, enjoy cooked wine under hundreds of lights and make dogs and the homeless happy.

Tallin, Estonia
The first Christmas tree in Tallinn was erected in 1441. The most important checkpoint of the capital of Estonia in Advent times, of course, is the square in front of City Hall. The stage defiles thousands of entertainers (singers, dancers, jugglers, … etc.). The stage is decorated with around 600 Christmas stars and over 40,000 light bulbs. Temperatures are up to minus 10 degrees Celsius. Cold is more easily tolerated with cooked wine and traditional Estonian delicacies (roast duck, sausage-blood sauerkraut).

Manchester, The United Kingdom
Advent in Manchester has been organized since 1999. After 20 years it became known and popular as a football club. This event is visited by over 10 million people each year. There are 350 booths available in ten city locations. Visitors can taste Spanish paella, French wines, Hungarian stew, profterols, Danish mini pancakes, … etc. In front of the city cathedral is a huge ice rink. This fair is special because of its humanitarian character. Anyone can donate money to care for the homeless who are most vulnerable during the winter.


Českȳ Krumlov, Czech Republic
The Czech Krumlov is located in southern Bohemia on the Vltava River. Due to its preserved Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance architecture, it has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city is fairytale during the Advent and New Year’s days. The celebration takes place in the traditional way: in the streets, squares and churches where Christmas songs are performed, folk groups are presented, legends about St. Nicholas and the birth of Jesus are organized. Choirs from around the world gather to sing their version of “Silent Night” at Svornost Square. Visitors can donate money to a dog shelter or they can donate food. They receive a punch and a Christmas cake as a reciprocal gesture.

Leipzig, Germany
Leipzig is the largest city in the German province of Saxony. This is where the Christmas Fair has been organized since 1458. In recent years it has become one of the most luxurious in Europe. The most important events are in Markplatz Square. It is 28 meters high and decorated with juniper spruce. Augustplatz is another interesting square in town. There is a 38 meter wheel with enclosed cabins. Many music concerts are organized in the city. The most attractive are the trombonists playing the balcony of the Old Town Hall every day and the St. John’s Choir. Thomas performing at St. Thomas.

Strasbourg, France
The city of Strasbourg is the seat of the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights and the European Parliament. Strasbourg has one of the oldest Christmas fairs in Europe. The first fair was organized in 1580. In recent years, the Christmas fair in the city of Strasbourg has twice been voted the best in Europe. That is why many visitors to this fair say that during the Christmas days Strasbourg becomes the capital of France. Over 300 stalls will be distributed in 12-15 locations in the city. You can try the local specialties of local winemakers, pastry chefs and brewers. The largest gathering place for visitors is the Gothic Cathedral of Our Lady of Kléber Square. The largest Christmas tree here is 30 meters high. The city organizes many concerts of the Strasbourg City Philharmonic in the spirit of European community and annually presents a partner country of the fair.

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