How to live if you have blood type “0”

krvna grupa
It is important to adjust the foods according to blood type. Then we can see changes in our body. Mental-emotional and physical changes. Our blood is like the memorials of human history and has been transmitted by blood groups. Scientists have tested this diet for more than 10,000 people with medically confirmed results. It has been shown that blood type determines our health. It affects digestion, metabolism, stress, mental and emotional state and the strength of our immunity. With the help of blood group nutrition, we can live better and healthier.
Blood group “0”
This blood group responds perfectly to stress. In the past, they were hunters who fought for a position on earth, survived in the wild conditions of life.People with blood type 0 are good leaders, honest and determined, living stable in the present. The stress in these individuals does not provoke withdrawal and melancholy but anger and aggression. These individuals need to make great efforts to find a technique to overcome the problems and their own anger.
Blood Group “0” diseases: Breast cancer has a lower mortality rate than other groups. In reproductive organs, they have a longer life for all cancers. The same situation with tumors except for bladder cancer. There is a greater risk of recurrence and tumor progression. Melanoma in these individuals is the greatest danger. They have the longest life span. This blood type is prone to ulcers, gastritis and allergies.
Signs of blood group toxicity “0”
– inflammation of the joints
– menstrual problems
– bloating, cramps and constipation
– fatigue and exhaustion
– high triglycerides
– inflammation
Blood Group Tips “0”
– more physical activity
– chew the food slowly
– reduce cigarettes (this blood type is prone to vices)
– practice techniques to overcome anger
– talk to nice people
Exercises for blood type “0”: aerobics, weight lifting, cycling, contact sports and gymnastics.
Blood type “0” people should avoid alcohol and caffeine, especially when stressed because it increases their adrenaline (which is high anyway).
Meat and poultry (a good source of protein):
Very Good Foods: Beef, Lamb, Veal, Sheep, Veal, Game and Heart
Neutral foods: pheasant, goose, chicken, goat, duck, chicken and turkey.
Avoid: bacon, ham, pork and quail.
Fish and seafood (a good source of protein): cod and relatives, leaf and pike.
Neutral foods: shoes, mussels, ravens, salmon, oysters, crabs, mackerel, shrimp and related, anchovies and relatives.
Avoid: octopus and relatives, squid, frog, sea snail.
Dairy products and eggs:
Very Good Foods: Dairy products cause weight gain and worsening inflammation. They encourage the formation of gastrin.
Neutral foods: feta cheese, chicken eggs, goat cheese, butter, mozzarella cheese, duck eggs.
Avoid: kefir, buttermilk, parmesan, ice cream, cream, salmon roe, whey, edamer cheese, frappe, gouda cheese, emmenthaler cheese, yogurt, brie cheese.
Beans and legumes:
This is not a recommended food considering this is a carnivore group.
Neutral foods: beans, miso soup, chickpeas, soy, tofu, white beans, red beans.
Avoid: pinto, all kinds of lenses.
Bone fruits and seeds:
Very good foods: nuts, flax, pumpkin seeds.
Neutral foods: almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts, sesame.
Avoid: peanut butter and sunflower seeds, poppies, peanuts, chestnuts and pistachios.
Cereals and starch:
Cereals are not a favorite food of this blood type nor are they recommended because of the poor tolerance of some foods that promote fat.
Very Good Foods: Essential Bread
Neutral foods: buckwheat porridge, artichoke paste, millet, rye bread, rice, soy flour., Tooth.
Avoid: gluten flour, barley, popcorn, wheat, wheatgrass, sorghum.
Very good food: seaweed, chicory, ginger, horseradish, kale, onion, turnips, spinach, artichoke, chard, broccoli, pumpkin, endive, coriander, pepper, roman salad and potatoes.
Neutral foods: celery, garlic, mushrooms, fennel, sauerkraut, olives, carrots, turnips, asparagus, zucchini, radish.
Avoid: shiitake mushrooms, aloe, black olives, pickles, capers, white potatoes.
Fruits and fruit juices:
Eating lots of fruit contributes to weight loss because it inhibits insulin action. For example, pineapple reduces inflammatory conditions and contributes to a better proportion of fluid in the body.
Very good foods: mango, pineapple, figs, cherries, plums.
Neutral foods: cranberries, dates, melons, quince, grapefruit, grapes, apples, strawberries, lemons, watermelon, raspberries, currants, papaya.
Avoid: avocados, kiwi, blackberries, coconut, tangerines, oranges.
Monounsaturated oils (olive) are best suited to this blood group especially if they are fresh.
Very good food: olive oil
Neutral foods: almond and sesame oil.
Avoid: sunflower oil, soybean oil, corn oil.
Medicinal herbs and spices:
Very good food: curry, carob, parsley
Neutral foods: anise, chocolate, cinnamon, estragon, sage, basil cumin, clove, dill, coriander, bay leaf, marjoram, honey, molasses, apple cider vinegar and mayonnaise.
Avoid: nutmeg, ketchup, pepper, corn syrup, corn starch, pepper, blue-green algae, fructose.
Corn is definitely a food that this group should avoid.
Very good foods: mineral water and green tea.
Neutral foods: red wine
Avoid: black tea, coffee, sugary drinks, spirits, white wine.
Green Tea Buying Tip: Try to find the tea that says “first pick”. Dip it for a maximum of 30 seconds. Don’t boil the tea.

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