Reading Recommendation: 6 biographies of celebrity designers

david 2
All About Yves (Author: Catherine Ormen)
The book is about one of the world’s most influential designers. He describes his life from childhood, the most glorious moments of his career – until his death. The book provides insight into numerous unpublished sketches, handwritten letters, invitations, contact lists and photographs of collections.

(34, 38 USA, Laurence King Publishing)

De Grisogono (Legends) (Author: Vivienne Becker)
Fawaz Gruosi is the founder of a Swiss jewelry company. She loves black and white diamonds and classic jewelry designs. Inspired by Florentine and Byzantine art, Gruosi created some of the finest pieces of jewelry. This book is dedicated to Gruosi.

Nobu: A Memoir (Author: Nobu Matsuhisa)
This book is an autobiography of a famous Japanese chef. It has been translated from Japanese into English. The book describes the life and professional journey of a chef’s genius. Famous actor Robert de Niro persuaded him to open a restaurant in New York.

(16,51 USA, Atria/Emily Bestler Books)
Downtime (Author: Nadine Redzepi)
Nadine Redzepi is the wife of celebrity chef Rene Redzepi. There are a number of her recipes in this book. The recipes are for preparing simple dishes that are served in a relaxed and chic way. The author’s motto is: perfect food and the best restaurant techniques for cooking.

(23,40 USA, Pam Krauss Books)

Cable (Author: David Yurman)
The book is a lavish edition dedicated to the motif of “cable”. The cable is the form on which the creations of the American jewelry manufactory David Yurman are based. The book is packed with spectacular photographs. Has unprecedented sketches and informative text. The book is suitable for all jewelry lovers.
(61, 33 USA, Rizzoli)
Shadows on the wall (Author: Peter Lindbergh)
Peter Lindbergh is one of the most talented photographers of today. He is known in the fashion industry for his anti-fashion stance. It captures the character and spirit of the model in the lens of its camera, and then the perfect dimensions of the model. This book is a monograph with recordings of 14 Hollywood actresses. The author states with the book that beauty is not in perfection but in intelligence and emotions.
(99,99 USA, Taschen)


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