Aging is a natural and common sense phenomenon (anti-age Vs. pro-age)

slika 1
Many proponents of nature and all its beauties will say that wrinkles reflect all human life. In life, we should do everything in moderation, and we should accept ourselves as we are in reality. The most important thing is to be our own. If we want to rejuvenate drastically, we reflect fear. The point is to feel great and not be hampered by aging, wrinkles and age. Many legendary Oscar-winning actresses were the embodiment of the anti-age form. Although this term does not exist in modern women’s dictionaries. Women and men who have not seen each other for years agree that it is important to nurture them, but without plastic surgery and wrinkle smoothing, because excessive rejuvenation loses identity and dignity.
The beauty and cosmetics industries had the most powerful “anti-age” wing. This kind of wing is outdated today. America’s favorite women’s magazine Allure used to be full of articles dealing with the complexities of anti-age.
Lately, this compound has been slowly dropped from the texts because it has a negative meaning. Many believe that anti-age is saying that aging is bad and that we should fight it, while ignoring the fact that aging is a natural phenomenon.
So popular cosmetic companies realized that consumers were no longer interested in advertisements and articles where young women were praising the effectiveness of anti-wrinkle creams. People who look convincingly at the age, struggles and life experience are far better looking and respected now. Now the main characters of many campaigns are older people. It is increasingly clear to everyone that aesthetic surgery, botox and plastic surgery are harmful, so they seek natural and common sense solutions. Excessive botox and other surgical procedures do not provide long-term solutions. Long-term solutions are made by healthy eating, exercise and mild, non-invasive care. Fortunately, today, we are seeing more and more people who are not trying to hide their years but are proudly highlighting them. Smiling at commercials and billboards tell us that aging is normal.
The new long-lasting beauty movement that has recently emerged is being declared as “pro-age”, “slow age” and “age perfect”. Numerous researches of cosmetic companies indicate that women and men are no longer enslaved to cosmetic and hairdressing treatments but to live their lives bravely, boldly and without burden. The point of the whole story is that we need to look good (as much as we can and as much as our living conditions allow) at any age, without burdening ourselves with any imposed standards.
A major study at Boston University ( ) has done a study on how and how much beauty standards have changed over the past few decades. They concluded that the lists of the most beautiful people in the world are the most perfect year after year, and that the color of the skin, age group and types of persons are being reduced. Fortunately.

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