Self-taught British designer: Tom Dixon (idea for all job seekers)

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Ingenious British marketing designer Tom Dixon is a self-taught designer who began his career in the mid-1980s. After a motorcycle accident, Dixon shortened repair time by creating various items of scrap metal in his garage. So he became the inventor of the trend that every company sells its visual identity to the smallest detail. Dixon’s chairs were noticed by the owner of the Italian factory Cappellini. He turned Dixon into a star overnight. At the beginning of the new millennium, Dixon founded his own furniture and lighting company. About ten years later, he began producing home and office items. From day one, sales and distribution have been successful. Dixon launches new collections with incredible speed that fascinates people. This is a bit of a prestige, because most buyers have an important designer name. Dixon products are superbly designed to contribute to quality of life. A book marker made of laser-shaped steel costs about 20 euros for example. It is signed by Tom Dixon.
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This Dixon “total design” mindset is embraced by other companies. Popular is the Italian Kartell that is liked by new and hipster generations, the Dutch firm Moooi also follows Dixon’s trend of “added value”.

They make cosmetics for luxury hotels, as well as shelves for shampoos and soaps, candles that smell for the home. These products seem like a side decoration. Yet, besides bearing the label of a polular manufacturer, they have the meaning that the interior design industry has stepped into a new era. Favorite companies include the Scandinavian Hay (founded in 2002) and Normann Copenhagen (established in 1999).
They offer all-notebooks, spikes, kitchen towels, bottle openers, couches, beds. This kind of business strategy starts from the idea that all subjects should work together. They need to be matched in color and shape so that combining them cannot be mistaken.

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