Simple hairstyles for upcoming holidays and cold winter days

A key element of styling your hair for the coming holidays and colder winter days is getting back to the roots. No more differences between day and evening hairstyles. In every situation the hairstyle should be relaxed. Hair should be “breathed”. Forget about straightening your hair with an iron, curling your hair with a figure or hairdryer, fixing it with gel, hair paste, or kaa. All these preparations have the sign of “very” or “very very” which harms the hair. Winter air damages hair because it is cold and damp. The smallest percentage of synthetics in clothing enhances the electrification of hair. It is advisable to “listen” to your own hair and create your own image according to the character of the hair. With regard to special hairstyles, the most important thing is a good preparation with quality preparations. For example, if the hair is wavy, its texture should be emphasized with a mineral spray powder (which becomes powdery from the liquid in the bottle. The natural look of the hair is supported by the cool and extinguished hair tones (simply because such is the majority of hair tones) and the tufts of so-called ” Young hair “framing the face. Unpretentious styling and unmistakable color with no visible outgrowth and bright tips are achieved by the” ombre “and” balayage “hair coloring techniques. Then the glittering holiday hair ornaments come to the fore. Low tails, tufts, deep parting on the side of tousled braid-hair are worn from morning to evening.
After sleeping they look even more careless and attractive. Upon the arrival of the holiday evenings, we transform our daily hairstyle into simple evening hairstyles (hair, scallops, sequin combs, hair raifs) into evening hair. We can then decorate it with a pre-dimensional satin ribbon. We got a so-called “evening” look. A simple low tail or tuft is a good counterbalance and a convenient detail but one of the best choices for all the festive days and evenings that follow.

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