Pecs-charming town in Hungary with Mediterranean charm

Pecs is a city in Hungary in the South Danube region. Under the motto “a city without borders”, it is worthy of a European Capital of Culture title in 2010. This city is protected from the winds by Mecsek Mountain. Although it is a riverless city and hundreds of Mediterranean settings. ”

1367 The first university in Hungary was founded in this city. The tradition of cultural standards is reflected in the new, modern and perfectly equipped Kodaly Concert and Conference Hall. Kodaly opened in 2010. It can accommodate 999 people. It has excellent acoustic capabilities.
The main city street is Széchenyi Square. There is a unique mosque-church of Gazi Kasim Pasha Mosque. This building was first a Gothic church of Saint Bartholomew from the 13th century. In the 16th century, the Turks built a mosque here on the remains of a church. In the seventeenth century the mosque became a church again and the crucifixion of Jesus was erected above the mihrab. The Eternal Lamp Monument is located on the square. There is also a monument to St. Bartholomew on the square – three bells that form a moving sculpture between three steel steps. There is a monument to Janko Hinjyadi who defeated the Turkish army near Belgrade. The square is adorned with a county building whose roof and façade are adorned with Zsolnay pottery. This statue of the Holy Trinity was erected after the plague. On the square are the Church and the Hospital of the Merciful Brothers in front of which the Zolnay well (with 4 openings in the form of ox heads) is one of the protective symbols of the city. The crypt of the Basilica of St. Peter in this city is assumed to lie on the foundations of an ancient Christian chapel from the 4th century. The cathedral’s present appearance is due to its restoration in the 19th century. Its enchanting blue interior was painted by Hungarian painters Beratal Szekely and Karoly Lotz. Next to the Basilica is the Baroque Episcopal Palace with a sculpture by Franz Liszt on one of the terraces. An IV-century Old Christian mausoleum quietly testifies to the city’s rich history.
Pecs or its historic center has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2000.Cell Septichora is a museum complex with chestnuts at the entrance. Here are the remains of ancient Christian tombs and chapels with seven vaults. The most famous tomb is the tomb of Peter and Paul, Noah, Adam and Eve.
peč 2
The facades of the buildings, roofs and monuments are richly decorated and beautifully painted with ceramic decorations. The decorations are made in the famous Zsolnay porcelain factory. This factory gained worldwide fame for its special enamel called eosin (according to the Greek word for dawn). The Zsolnay district is now located on the site of the old farmhouse. It houses the Puppet Theater, Planetarium, Mausoleum, Pecs Gallery and E-78 (cultural youth center). Former Zsolnay villas open up restaurants, cafes, artist suites. and art nouveau items. Some of these items are priceless. For example, a picture of Pan on porcelain (which the painter painted in complete darkness and saw his work with real eyes after baking).
A significant part of Hungarian culture is occupied by gastronomy. In Pecz, figs ripen three times a year. There is plenty of game, mushrooms, fruits and chestnuts in Mecsek. Here you can enjoy the cuisines of different nations from this area.
In the small town of Bichal (50km from the town of Pecs) is the Puchner Castle Hotel. Bichal is nestled among old and protected trees. The court dates from the 19th century and is the first of its kind in Hungary. The whole property is set on 15 acres. You can choose from 4 types of accommodation. The Renaissance Theme Park was built here in 2010. The park depicts the lives of people during the Renaissance, preserving historical heritage and old crafts from oblivion. You can try some of the old crafts (pottery, sculpture, basket making, cheese making, candles, etc.). You can enjoy watching birds of prey skills or watching knights games, attractive fights and horse shows.
The Hertelendy Castle Hotel is part of the Relais & Chateaux luxury chain. It is 90 km from the town of Pecz. The hotel offers 14 exclusive rooms for those who want to experience the touch of authentic court style and romance. Hunter’s Lodge Pets are suitable for family and horse and hunting enthusiasts. The restaurant uses fruits and vegetables from its own cultivation. Homemade bread and marmalade and honey and game specialties are prepared. The hotel has its own airstrip and heliport. There are beautifully landscaped gardens and forests on 60 acres. The property has a local thermal water source and the original Lapland sauna.
Siklos Castle is located on Siklos Hill 30 km from Pecz. This is one of the best preserved castles in Hungary. It was made in the 12th century. It represents a monumentculture: a chapel with frescoes that hosts wedding ceremonies today, a museum of wine and production tools, an exhibition of tools and knightly gear, and a prayer room.
The city of Harkany is also located in the south Danube region. It is known for its thermal spas and spas with medicinal water 200 years old. Harkan warm water has an average temperature of 62 degrees C. Due to the sulfur compounds contained, this water has a specific odor. It has a beneficial effect in the repair of joint cartilage, the treatment of chronic gynecological inflammation, infertility, psoriasis, etc. Here come sick and healthy people who can enjoy the indoor and outdoor pools and other amenities.
Pecs is known for its floral-white wines (cirfandl). The surroundings of Villany are the most famous Hungarian vineyards for red wines. The Villany-Siklos is the most famous and most visited wine route. The most famous black varieties are: Portuguese, Franco, Cabernet franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Zweigelt, Kadarka. The most famous white varieties are Italian Riesling, Charodnnay, Traminer and Rhine Riesling.
An endemic and protected species of crocus, a beautiful white flower, grows on the surrounding hills. The Hungarians call it kikerich. The image of this flower is a trademark of wines from the Villany region. Here you can enjoy one of the apartments within the winery.
The Polgar Winery offers a gastro-enological tour for all visitors. Elixir is known for being named the wine of the year in 2012. Elixir wine is a blend of cabargne sauvignon, cabernet franc and merlot in blend with an indigenous frank frank, with a slight touch of baric).
Spring is the best time of year to visit the city of Pecz and its surroundings. Then almonds bloom on the slopes of Mecsek.


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