Apply for the Queen / King of Coffee Contest if you live in the USA

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This contest is for anyone who loves coffee. It was started by the Gevalia coffee brand.
A great marketing gimmick has attracted a lot of attention online. The Queen of Coffee is being searched online.
They will choose a winner or a winner who will travel to Scotland (Carlowrie Castle) with one friend. Seven days the winner should drink coffee.
The winner will also receive more than $ 5,000 ($ 33,000) and access to other luxury amenities.
The prize consists of two return tickets to Scotland, six nights accommodation at the castle, a ‘salary’ and an additional $ 2,000 (£ 13,000) for spending. At the castle, spa facilities, a butler, a chef and, of course, plenty of coffee await them.
Carlowrie Castle was built in 1852 and has 14 bedrooms. It is located on a 32 acre property, a few miles west of Edinburgh. Today it is mainly used for weddings and similar events.
If the winner does not like the trip, he can instead take a check of $ 25,000 and a salary of $ 5,000.

In order to apply for the competition, participants need to describe why they are the queen or king of coffee in real life. Only U.S. residents over the age of 18 have access to the competition. Applications are open until December 21st. You can see the contest here

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