Dublin is a place full of energy, life and positive vibes

dublin 2
The capital of the Celtic state of Ireland – Dublin is the merry capital of Green Island. This energy is especially reflected on St. Patrick March 17. The pubs are full of people, the city is in a good mood. Irish music and traditional dishes are an indispensable part of the fun in honor of St. Patrick. Conductions are all over the world. In addition to the celebration in Dublin, the world-famous celebration is in New York. The entire Hudson River is colored green. The fun and experience of the city is never forgotten because of the kindness and communicativeness of the Irish.
Dublin is located on the east coast of Ireland. This makes it an urban part of the island that leads to enchanting green interiors, colorful landscapes and enchanting places that leave no one indifferent.
There are hardly any tall buildings or skyscrapers in the entire city like we have seen in the world’s metropolises. In Dublin, houses are low, gardens are green and streets are wide. The appearance of the city is further enhanced by historical sites. The front door on most buildings is colorful with vibrant colors. Many houses and souvenir shops are reminiscent of old legends and myths. An important part of Dublin history is the writers: Samuel Beckett, James Joyce and Oscar Wilde. Thanks to, among other things, these literary greats, Dublin is a UNESCO city of literature.
The magical Irish landscapes were the inspiration for Tolkien to write the famous Lord of the Rings trilogy. The music from this movie was composed by the famous Irish musician Enya. The planetary popular music group U2 comes from Ireland.
Guinness dark beer is the most famous Irish or Dublin brand. This beer has been voted the best beer in the world several times. The former downtown factory is now a museum. There you can rest, have a beer at the bar and enjoy the view of the city.https://www.guinness-storehouse.com

Irish traditional sport is hurling. Still, the Irish love football. The highlight of the football season is during the winter. If you are coming to Dublin during the summer tourist season you will surely be able to watch some interesting football game.
There are numerous golf courses in Dublin where beginners and golfers can enjoy the beautiful grounds. If you are coming to Dublin during nice weather, try to visit it on foot. Temple Bar is a well-known city district whose streets are covered with old stone slabs, which gives the city a special charm and a sense of stroll as in the movie scene.
Templ Bar is a neighborhood with many bars, it is a cultural and historical city center. Galleries, museums and shopping locations are located here.
The beautiful Cathedral of Sts. Patrick is one of the recognizable sights of the city. The great buildings in the city are Cathedral of Christ Church, Dublin Castle and Trinity College. Trinity College is home to one of the oldest books in the world: The Book of Kells. Walking through the college premises you come to the 18th Century Old Library building. The Old Library makes the somewhat mystical college rooms even more mystical.

Sights to visit in Dublin are the National Gallery of Ireland and Kilmainhaim Gaol (formerly a prison, today a museum and art gallery). In the park St. Stephens Green you can rest in the fresh air and by the way plan what else you can visit while in Dublin (according to your wishes).

Photos: http://www.aviewoutside.com

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