Mormon-like birds from Iceland

island 4
Mormons are birds of the genus auks. They nest in a large colony in the far northwest of Iceland (Latrabjarg Cave). You need to travel to Iceland around August 15 to see these birds. You can only find empty nests later. Then these reptile birds go out to sea, following the flocks of fish they feed.
Enjoying the geothermal springs on the Islnad is possible inland(Landmannalaugar mountains). A stream (a meter deep and several meters wide) flows below the volcanic lava. The water is warm and transparent. There is a small bridge on the creek with makeshift clothes hangers. Because of the big difference in temperature, when you enter the water, your skin becomes thinner. Still, the bathing is comfortable. There are more extreme temptations (jumps into the crater of Askja volcano). The volcano lies in the mountains where the climate is harsh. Therefore, most of the way is the icy path on the surface of the lava. After a very steep and muddy passage it descends into the volcano crater. When swimming from side to side of the lake, through the crater you can see part of the sky and below you can feel the deep gorge of the earth’s interior.
Iceland has plenty of glaciers and lakes. Famous films were made here; James Bond and Lara Croft: Tomb Rider. Lake Jokulsarlon is located at the foot of the Watnajokuli Glacier on the southeastern coast of the island / state of Iceland.
Magnificent icebergs float around the lake breaking from the edge of the glacier. The lake is 100 meters from the sea. During the low tide, pieces of ice move toward the sea. So they arrive at a black volcanic lava beach.
You should try all the activities that they offer along the lake and around the lake. You get a life belt for 20 Euros. You board a 4-wheeled boat that takes you along a path that leads directly into the lake. The adrenaline descent is followed by a pleasant voyage among the icebergs colored in blue and gray.
Volcanic ash leaves black marks on floating pieces of ice. It lingers deep below the surface. Black volcanic stripes can be seen imprinted on the ice. During the voyage, the guide offers tourists to eat a piece of ice from one of the floating boulders. Life on the lake is going its course despite the cold temperatures.
The bird diversity in Iceland is surprisingly high despite the low temperatures. If you come to Iceland during a time when nesting Arctic birds / terns you will experience live scenes from the movie “Birds” by famous A. Hitchock. Care should be taken to keep your head in check as the terns attack their nests aggressively.
Iceland’s peculiar symbol is the fluffy white flowers that grow throughout the country / island.

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