Adopt a bee to continue humming our planet

Bees depend on agriculture all over the planet. Out of 100 types of food, as many as 70 species pollinate bees. The number of bees worldwide has decreased by 90% in the last hundred years. So we should do something about it. Bees are the most important species on the planet because they do not have any pathogenic species (fungi, virus or bacteria). Bees are socially useful and valuable insects. They live together in hives or nests. They play an important role in maintaining the planet Earth.
WWF has launched a campaign to adopt bees and other animals that are endangered or endangered globally. By symbolically adopting a bee, tiger, elephant, polar or brown bear, sea turtle, panda or our three great beasts: lynx, bear and wolf, nature lovers help the WWF work in the field.
WWF is an organization operating in more than one hundred countries. It collects donations in more than 50 countries. New WWF members are thus helping the organization respond to catastrophic events (wildfire in the Amazon, efforts to preserve some species or habitat necessary for life).
In Europe, WWF Adria, together with its partners, is raising awareness of the importance of coexistence between humans and the wild world. It maintains the precious harmony that is at risk of crime against wild beasts, which are trying to stop it in this organization.
Visit the WWF website and choose a useful gift for your friends or family. You can adopt animals for another person whose certificate will be a wonderful New Year’s (or Christmas gift).

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