Izmir is a city with a pleasant climate and friendly hosts

Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey dedicated entirely to tourism. It is located in the Gulf of the Aegean. Throughout its long history, the city has been known as Smirna. The ancient city was built at the central and strategically most favorable point of the Aegean coast. It became famous because of its good connection with the interior of Turkey and the construction of railroads and better port conditions.
During the reign of Alexander the Great, Izmir had the characteristics of a metropolis. This fact further fascinates in combination with ancient excavations and historic buildings.
The city of Izmir is known for its international fairs. One of the most visited fairs is the Travel Turkey Izmir Tourism Fair. Izmir residents are extremely kind, cheerful, smiling and positive. They look forward to every guest. They always try to keep their guests at your service. Izmir has a population of 4 million. You will see their loyalty to the state at every turn in the city. They hold their state flags and pictures of their president on the windows. Such loyalty is admirable. Men are especially gentle on women. They have an incredibly gentle and protective attitude.https://www.travelturkeyexpo.com
Bargaining in Turkey is a well-known fact. Potential buyers do not need to agree to the first price because it means belittling the seller. At the bazaar in Izmir, everything will seem strange to you at first. Stands stacked side by side offer a variety of goods. However, you will adapt faster than you think. The magic of Turkey and its friendly residents will quickly overwhelm you.
While in Izmir, be sure to visit some of the restaurants serving local cuisine. Sit down at a table with a cubic tablecloth or on a bench set on colorful rugs. Be sure to try Efes beer. You will be served in record time. This is a fact all over Turkey.
You can have a good time in Izmir during the summer and winter months. The city “lives” all year long. In addition to the city of Izmir, a trip to Ephesus (another city in the Roman Empire) is popular. Before our time, Ephesus had a population of 250,000, an amphitheater with 25,000 seats, hot water and sewage, and one of the largest libraries in the world. Ephesus is one of the largest archeological sites in Asia Minor today. St. John is believed to have written the Gospel in Ephesus.
The house of the Virgin Mary is not far from Ephesus. This house is said to be the mother of Jesus, Mary, who spent the last years of her life. Mary is the only woman mentioned in the Islamic holy book of the Qur’an. Mary is a recognized and respected woman by all the faithful who today visit her house turned into a chapel.

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