5 unusual facts about New York

On the roof of the Peninsula Hotel is the Salon de Ning. From here, there is a panoramic view of Fifth Avenue and Manhattan skyscrapers. The bar specialty is Ning Sling. It’s a refreshing cocktail made with Absolut Mandarin, SOHO lychee liqueur, fresh mint leaves with lychee juice and passion fruit.
Independence Day is celebrated in America on July 4th. The main feature of this holiday is the large fireworks display. New York fireworks are a special experience. Millions of people from all over the world then come to New York to attend this event. The West Side or West Side Manhattan is the best part of town for watching fireworks.
When you eat vegetables you actually eat more than fruits and roots, you eat foods that are ripe in the sun and rain and are rich in flavors. Vegan restaurant Dirt Candy in New York has the slogan: “Hamburger can be prepared by anyone and leave it to the professionals.” The New York adventure is sure to try pea, mint and chocolate ice cream.
The Museum of Contemporary Art in New York is known for its unusual exhibitions and presentations of the finest things in world and contemporary art. Part of the educational mission of the museum is the MOMA Design Store. An example is quality design, with an emphasis on new from around the world in materials, manufacturing and conceptual design. In this way you can always find innovative, fun and functional gifts, accessories, home items that enhance your daily life.
The first Broadway remake of the award-winning 1979 movie Evita was in 2012 in New York. This is the story of the Evita-charismatic and glamorous First Lady of Argentina. Pop star Ricky Martin and Argentine actress Elena Roger starred in this remake.

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