Become a collector of things: gather emotions and memories

Some people think they don’t have time for a hobby while some people find it difficult. Adults sometimes cannot decide whether to collect or always throw / donate things. However, whatever your decision may be, as a potential collector of things / items you can be a role model to some family member, neighbor or friend. Collected items / items can always be given to a dear person, donated to a museum or an organization. In any case, your entire effort will not be in vain. Maybe from an amateur-collector you will one day become a professional-collector. You never know until you try.
One potential hobby may be collectibles. You can start this hobby at any age, by any means, and even if you do not have a garage (basement, storage or surplus room) to store things, or if you live in a small and cramped space. Remember, collectibles are a hobby that can never “fail”, be destroyed or be the wrong choice.
Many public figures were collectors. You can choose to collect one type of item or all items. You never know where this unusual hobby will take you and who you will meet by the way. Through social networks, you may from time to time invite people (known and unknown) to send you, for example, a rare and unusual book, photo, object, toy or children’s drawing. The possibilities are endless. As we live in busy times, social networks have become very popular and a great tool for promoting and expanding your collaboration with other users. You can connect with people of similar preferences and expand your hobby.
By collecting various items, you are actually collecting emotions and memories. You collect history. As we have previously emphasized, when this hobby fills you up or you are fed up with it, you can always donate / sell / donate or organize your own exhibit – to share with the public.
Some of the potential postage stamp collector websites:

Some of the websites for potential money and coin collectors:

Some of the websites for potential WWII collectors:

Some of the websites for potential toy collectors:

Some of the websites for potential rare book collectors:
The ultimate choice is yours. Good luck.

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