Berlin is a museum city nine times the size of Paris

You can get to Berlin by car, plane, bus or rail. The use of motorways in Germany is free of charge (no vignettes or tolls).
Once you have decided to visit Berlin, the advice is to try to find accommodation in the Eastern part of the city.
Hotel Adlon Kempinski
Unter den Linden 77
Tel. (+49) 30 2261
In 1907 the first hotel was opened to the general public. An important site of social gatherings in then Berlin was sent at the same time. In the interwar period, Charlie Chaplin, Great Garbo and other celebrities were here. 1945 demolished to the ground. In 1997, the renovated building of the Adlon Kempinski Hotel was opened. Today, it is a favorite spot of various statesmen, movie stars and high-level receptions. The location of the hotel is unique. The rooms overlook the Brandenburg Gate. All the features of the eastern part of Berlin are within walking distance. The hotel has two Michelin stars. Within the hotel there is a Japanese restaurant Uma, an Italian Gabriele and the hotel Felix Club is the best place to go out at night.
You can find all historical events about Berlin in the literature and more or less everything is known. Sometimes it is only necessary to mention some of the events for a better understanding of the present. 1940 Berlin is badly damaged after hours of Allied bombing. After Hitler’s suicide and Allied victory, Berlin was divided into four sectors: Soviet, American, British and France. 1948 Soviet authorities attempted to occupy the entire city. That didn’t work, so the so-called Cold War began. Two Germany’s were created: East i.e. German Democratic Republic (capital East Berlin) and Federal Republic Germany Germany western capital Bonn).
During the Cold War, West Berlin became a special enclave. In 1961 DDR authorities build the Berlin Wall around East Berlin. Many citizens were killed trying to cross this artificial barrier in pursuit of a better life. In 1989, great historical changes take place and the Berlin Wall collapses. His remains can be seen today on Postdamer Platz. There is a German scent that hits tourists with a piece of paper (which is a passport page) hitting all the stamps that residents of what was once East Berlin had to collect to move to West Berlin. Berlin is a unique city today and its inhabitants will be happy to point you to what is located in eastern what is in the western part. In the eastern part are museums, pubs, galleries and hotels, while in the western part there are parks, a zoo, Charlottenburg Castle and most diplomatic missions.
“Apelmann” is a man who has over time become the trademark and symbol of Berlin. It has moved from city traffic lights to souvenirs and you can see it everywhere in the city.
Getting around the city is easy. Just follow the few signs that rise high above the city: the dome of the Sony Center at Postdamer Platz, the television tower or the Victory Pillar.
When you walk from the Brandenburg Gate on Unter Den Linden Street to the east you will pass one of the probably the largest embassies in the world. It is a magnificent building that houses the Russian Embassy. Along the same street you come across the Guggenheim Museum, the old library (popularly referred to as the Chest of drawers), the statue of Friedrich the Great, Humboldt University, the City Library, the Neue Wache, the monument to all victims of war and dictatorship, the German History Museum, the Unter den Linden Opera House and many other historic buildings. Walking along Unter den Linden, you reach a part of the city called Museum Island. The most important museums of the eastern part of the city are located here: Bodenmuseum, Altes Museum, Alte Nationgalerie, Pergamonmuseum, Neues Museum. There is the beautiful Berliner Dom Cathedral, the royal stables and the historic harbor where well preserved specimens of ships, boats and removers from the late 19th century are anchored.
Berlin’s most famous candy is the Berliner Pfannkuchen that looks like a donut and the inside is soft like a pancake. It is usually stuffed with plum or strawberry jam. Legend has it that the baker’s son (who served in the army of Frederick the Great even though he was unfit for combat) ended up working in the kitchen in 1756. The soldiers were then delighted when he fried them cannon ball dough in a panfull fat (did not have an oven). Today, this perfectly shaped treat is sprinkled with powdered sugar. It is one of the hallmarks of the city of Berlin.
The most romantic part of the city is the historic four-pointed tower that dominates the surrounding old houses. Today, this place is a great place to relax and unwind, especially after visiting the modern part of town. In a traditional brewery you can order a so-called “beer per meter” here (12 mugs of 2 dc beer is one meter). In the immediate vicinity is the Red Municipality where the mayor of Berlin manages the city. There is a 203 meter high TV tower offering a unique and unforgettable view of the city.
At the beginning of the past, there were several diplomatic missions in Tiegarten. But in Hitler’s time, representations of Italy, Japan, and Axis powers were formed. Visiting this neighborhood is an integral part of the tourist route. The square with the most turbulent history in the world is located on the crossing from the Western to the Eastern part of the city. Postdamer Platz, in the 1920s, was the center of entertainment and the most vibrant square in Europe. Dividing Berlin was nobody’s land. Today, this place is home to the most modern city district and the pearl of architecture. World renowned architects are responsible for this: Renzo Piano, Arat Izosaki, Helmut Jahn. The Sony building houses the Museum of Film (with a collection of movable assets of the famous actress from Berlin – Marlene Dietrich). The famous Berlin Film Festival takes place at Postdamer Platz.
There are many locations in the city that are not even known by Berlin residents. The city is constantly changing and building. Berlin is a place of constant change. You will always return to Berlin once you visit it.—berlin-convention-office

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