The most European American city-New Orleans

Creole food, American music and French cuisine — all of which are New Orleans. It is known as “The Big Easy”. The city is located at the mouth of the mighty Mississippi River in the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana. Today’s New Orleans was created by the history and cultural heritage of Spanish and French settlers, Native Americans, Africans and Haitian slaves. It’s a city where the fun never stops.
The month of February is the part of the year when the Mardi Gras Carnival begins which lasts for several weeks and is marked by masquerade. The main city street is Central street and leads to the harbor and the grand promenade along the Mississippi River. The street separates the French Quarter from the city center, which is full of skyscrapers, hotels and office buildings. Old trams are on the street. They give the city a special touch.
On Jackson Square (part of town closer to the river) is St. St. Louis Cathedral. In front of it is a beautiful park and plenty of galleries. There are street entertainers and tarot masters who can tell you the future for a few bucks.
The most famous street in the French Quarter is Bourbon Street. New Orleans quickly captivates tourists but confuses them because the city has a positive and wonderful atmosphere. There are plenty of dilapidated buildings in the neighborhoods around the center. Hurricane Katrina displaced more than half of the city’s residents. After the hurricane, a lot of people had nowhere to go, so the population declined. In addition to the damage caused by the hurricane, dams and drainage channels loosened and the lakes (on whose shores the city is located) spilled out and completely flooded it. The lower part of the center and the French Quarter remained spared. The water height was up to 5 meters and most houses of that height were destroyed. The non-evacuated residents were accommodated in the Superdome Stadium, which is in an elevated location.
The city has a convenient skyline with hotels and downtown office buildings and a Superdome stadium and bridge connecting downtown and downtown across the Mississippi River. The part of the city along the rivers is arranged as a promenade. There are old steamboats where tourists can take a ride and see the lower part of town. One block of old buildings along the river is arranged as a museum with a shopping center, restaurants and souvenir shops. The French Quarter is completely different from the rest of the city. There are buildings with two galleries, balconies all over the floors, facades of vibrant colors. The whole neighborhood is pretty big and you need to walk one day all day on foot.
On the ground floor there are shops, music shops, clubs, restaurants and bars. Everything is decorated with taste and style. As for the kitchen, you should try “beignets”. Served with coffee with milk (Cafe du Monde). Traditional Po-boy sandwiches are made from French bread with the addition of beef, fish or crab with the addition of spicy sausages, vegetables and spices. The origin of this dish is from Africa because of the addition of the bami root of the plant brought by African slaves. The famous dish is “Jambalaya”, i.e. risotto with many colors and spicy taste. The famous dish of this region is red beans with sausages. The so-called Cajun food is a combination of Southern and French cuisine. Creole food is quite present in New Orleans with roots in African and European cuisine. fish caught in local waters. Pralines are well known soups made from caramel, brown sugar and pecan nuts. So pecan pie (pecan nut pie) is one of the authentic desserts. Down the main street is French Market. It is a block of buildings with a market, market and shops that eventually ends with Flea Market. You can spend the evening at one of the jazz clubs to feel the atmosphere in the city where the jazz originated. Musica Legends Park (Bourbon Street) is a place where you can enjoy jazz outdoors. In most open-air bars and clubs, you can enjoy live music with a drink at no charge. In the city center you can rent bikes which is convenient for faster sightseeing of the wider part of the city.
The city is known for the cemeteries that you should definitely visit.

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