Natural Hair & Body Care Mythos (Made in Greece)

Natural Hair & Body Care (Parabens, Mineral Oils & Silicone Free)
Olive tree
The sacred olive tree has always been a symbol of peace, fertility, prosperity and euphoria. This is one of the oldest cultured species. It was cultivated before the invention of the written language.
The olive tree was a gift from the goddess Athena after her victory over the god Poseidon – according to ancient Greek myth. Athens brought the olives as a gift to the Greeks. The king of the Greek gods Zeus promised to give Attica (the peninsula on which Athens is situated) to the god or goddess who came up with the most useful invention. Olive (Athena’s gift) could be used as a source of light, warmth, food, medicine, smell. It was selected as the most useful invention of the Poseidon horse (which was presented as a powerful and fast instrument of warfare). Athens planted an olive tree on a rocky hill known today as the Acropolis. In the olive tree the Greeks found various purposes. It was used to make lotions, soaps, body oils, for medical purposes, as a refresher for hair and skin, as balm, lamp oil, and lubricating oil.

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