Perfumes according to the time of day (or year), diet and health of the person

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All people who love, use and buy regular perfumes know that their choice is influenced by several factors. At times, this choice seems to have nothing to do with reason because olfactory chemistry establishes itself in the limb system of the brain and bypasses the cognitive area. There are some principles to why a certain perfume does not suit someone.
Elegant women love such scents, crazy women love rare and special perfumes. A strong personality seeks out perfume that leaves a mark while the withdrawn look for something discreet. The perfume on each person smells different. There are specific reasons for this – the color and quality of the skin, the type of metabolism, and the general condition of the organism and the way of eating. Based on these conditions, it can be roughly revealed which type of perfume will suit someone. The choice depends on the profession, the time of day or year and the climate in which one lives. For example, doctors and medical staff should not use intensive perfumes because they are in daily contact with patients / people who are often irritable due to their illnesses. Aggressive perfume can further irritate them. It is also known that the skin of a person whose diet contains strong spices secretes stronger odors. These people need perfumes that will “cover” them. The situation is reversed with vegetarians and those who eat raw foods. Their skin is almost odorless, so they need a stronger perfume.
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Light skin – usually thin, very often dry, fragrant essences from this skin quickly evaporate. This skin looks for mild, long lasting and refreshing perfumes.
Dark skin – Due to the large amount of lipids this type of skin retains scents on its surface for a long time. Perfume can be less durable, perfume can be intense.
Slow metabolism – slows down all the functions and thus the absorption of perfume from the skin. Such persons may use perfumes that quickly evaporate.
Fast metabolism – Persons with rapid internal combustion do not linger on perfume for a long time. They need to buy a perfume with a higher percentage of oil essence that is important for the perfume’s durability.
Winter-tolerates fuller, frankincense, woody and spicy perfumes with more oily components.
Summer and high temperatures affect increased sweating. Sweat changes the oil component and becomes uncomfortable. Perfumes with a synthetic component of citrus or floral origin are then appropriate.
Morning is the time of day when the scent is sharper and stronger and intense perfumes can strain the brain and cause nausea in the stomach. Mild fragrances of watery notes are recommended.
Evening – allows for stronger and fuller perfumes with a fragrance content of up to 15%. With oriental, citrus or woody notes.
Perfumes in line with the profession
Builders / architects-have sophisticated noses and rarely choose mainstream or something modern. Perfumes should be traditional.
Lawyers / clerks-want something special and out of the ordinary.
Managers / directors – energetic and dynamic people, love stimulating perfumes.
Doctors / medical staff-love perfumes that are not environment-friendly because they are in contact with a lot of people. Persistent perfumes are appropriate.
Students / students – follow the fashion trends and the latest trends. It is important for them to have popular perfumes.
Singers / Actors / TV presenters- Looking for personal perfume in niche perfumery, looking for wacky and special perfumes.
Politicians-follow a straight line of classic perfumes, love classic and classic perfume.

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