Recommendations for reading during your free time

1.Phantom (Jo Nesbø)-this is an exciting thriller full of incredible twists and turns. The ninth novel in the series about Harry Hole is a detective who celebrated the writer around the world.

2.Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes? (Jena Pincott)-A sexy book based on the latest scientific research that uncovers the secrets behind genes, hormones, body and mind that determine the rule of seduction.

3.Daniel Stein, Translator (Ludmila Ulitskaya)-this is a novel about a Polish Jew who, while working as a translator for the Gestapo, saved his countrymen during the Second World War. The book is based on a true event and is full of wonder, faith and humanity.

4.The Book of Eggs (Mark E. Hauber)- this is not a book on Easter eggs. This is a photo shoot of more than 600 birds (bird’s eggs). Some eggs look like they were painted by artists.

5.You Had me At Hello (Mhairi McFarlane)-they were alone against everyone. Until everything fell apart. A whole decade has passed since their last encounter. The years melt away when Rachel sees Ben.

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