The health, character and jewelry we wear are all related

In the text you will find a detailed description of the character and illness of the person for whom the particular metal is best and where to wear it. Gold jewelry possesses warm energy that soothes and aids healing processes. It should use as pure gold as possible. Silver has anti-inflammatory properties, improves circulation, and heals muscle aches and pains. Copper improves skin condition and relieves arthritis pain, while platinum helps with sadness, headache and back pain.
Regardless of the rules of gold on how to combine precious stones with precious metals (turquoise and jade, for example, are used exclusively with silver), it is well known that wearing gold jewelry in the Middle and Far East is more a matter of social prestige. Much more silver jewelry is used because of the warm climate.
Silver cools so it should be worn every time you feel excess energy, when you are upset, if you have a temperature, in the summer, if you are prone to strong emotional reactions. Gold jewelry, by contrast, is worn in cold areas during the rainy season and in the winter.
Jewelry composition
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Gold eliminates depression, rheumatism and heart problems
It should be worn by those who are prone to sinus headaches and those who suffer from sinus pain, especially on the right side of the face.
Aurum muriaticum is, say, a homeopathic remedy that is actually a solution of gold. Wearing gold jewelry can help those who have the following symptoms (and traits according to the homeopathic nomenclature): depression, introversion, over-seriousness and sensitivity, stressed pride.
These are generally calm, sophisticated, serious, hardworking and responsible people who are surprised by the sudden outburst of anger, despair, who set high goals for themselves, long and hard to suffer and mourn after parting from their loved ones, after someone’s death, or love disappointment. They feel the need for revenge, and are disgusted by such feelings, because they have a biting conscience. They may also have suicidal intent. They essentially have fear and contempt for death.
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They may suffer from bone pain, rheumatic disorders, headache, may have gland swelling, tendency to malignancies, chronic obstruction of the upper respiratory tract. They may suffer from cardiac disorders, enlargement of the heart chambers, high pressure. They often cry during their sleep, have nightmares. They have heightened sexual desire.
If you find yourself in most of these symptoms, it will be enough to put on gold jewelry or drink water in which you soaked the gold jewelry overnight (pre-cooked). You will be most comfortable with gold earrings or a gold medallion directly to the body reaching the heart chakra, in the middle of the sternum. You will not have a gold ring on any finger, as they all correspond to the meridians of the heart, lungs, or pericardium. You will activate the dots on these meridians with a gold bracelet.
Silver against panic attacks, anger and stomach problems
People who prefer silver jewelery, regardless of age and gender, are matched by the homeopathic medicine argentum nitricum (silver). themselves, they are afraid of heights, they are unbearable, they feel trapped in their private lives and professions.
They do not tolerate pressure of any kind, especially the time limit. They have compulsive thoughts and are often subject to immediate impulses. They love sweet foods, suffer from stomach upset, pain, from inflammation of the eyes, from strong heartbeat, have anger attacks. They like those who approve of their actions. You can wear silver jewelry the same as gold because it acts on the same meridians. The necklaces along the neck should be potentiated, because the throat is often inflamed, or the rings on the fourth and fifth fingers that correspond to the small intestine, heart, and abdomen (can on the other that corresponds with the large intestine).
Copper against psychiatric problems, fear and skin problems
Copper is also one of the metals that is represented in homeopathy called Cuprum. It is suitable for those who suffer from frequent cramps as a result of psychological problems, especially criticisms that are hard to bear. These are good souls who want to help and please everyone. They put themselves in the background.
If their environment does not return their love, they can become malicious. They are timid and often have strange ideas. Their skin may be bluish in color. They may suffer from skin ulcers, various outgrowths, or psoriasis. They often suffer from severe cough, asthma, suffocation, angina with low pulse, agitation or fat around the heart. They may have dark spots on the face, especially women.
They often hiccup. They feel the nausea they calm down with cold water and the metallic sensation in their mouth, as various eye disorders. Those who recognize themselves in these symptoms may wear a copper chain or bracelet, to calm the jerky movements of the hands and to activate the lung and heart meridians.
Platinum against sadness, headaches and back pain
This solid precious metal is actually the most precious and of the highest quality. Recommended for wedding rings and wedding rings. Those to whom the medicine platinum muriaticum or platinum jewelry would fit have strong feelings, intense pride, strong emotions, and they carry deep sadness because they feel that life is unfair to them. They are proud of their personality and remember insults for a long time.
They possess distinct intellectual and creative abilities. They often seem to be above others. They are distracted, sometimes burdened with sex. They may have hallucinations and coercive thoughts, fear of death, the possibility of being hurt, especially with a knife, or they may draw a knife at someone.
They often suffer from headaches and face numbness. Eyelid tingling is also common, tingling in their ears, or having ear pain, nosebleeds, nose root pain, and a cold feeling on their face. Stomach problems are common, especially in the lower abdomen, or exactly in the navel area. Gynecologic problems are frequent and numerous, and back pain, especially in the lower spine, tingling and tingling in the legs, cramps or the feeling of cramping.
Types of jewelry
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Chains activate the third eye level chakra. Provides clear thoughts, spiritual serenity, eliminates sinus and eye problems, insomnia. A lantern around the neck activates the thyroid gland and the fifth chakra. Recommended for nerve-based respiratory problems, throat problems, agitation, lightness, and feeling powerless. The waistband works extremely well for any sexual problem, especially for frigidity, or impotence caused by sadness, worry, or disappointment,. Stimulates the so-called meridian of the belt.
The chain around the article of the foot tonifies the whole organism. There are regions that cover all internal organs, the spleen, pancreas, stomach and genitals. If there is a weakness in the legs, or there is a problem with the kidneys, genital organs, liver and bile, a gold chain should be put on to stimulate the work of these organs, and silver – in inflammation of these organs. To the east, this chain (the rule) is worn because it touches the points of the kidneys, bladder, gallbladder and liver during the movement of the legs.
The ring should be worn on the other finger in case of respiratory problems. On the third finger for pericardial pain in the chest area, general weakness, lack of optimism and life joy, with decreased sexuality.
The ring should be worn on the fourth finger for abdominal disorders with bloating of the organ (gold rings and platinum rings for poor functioning of the stomach organs, and silver – for calming kidney, pancreatic, swelling, shoulder and elbow pain). the finger is worn for heart problems and problems with the small intestine.
On the wrist (where bracelets are most commonly worn) we measure the heart rate. This is related to circulation, so it is believed that bracelets enhance circulation. The circular shape of the bracelets should stop energy and reduce energy loss. Bracelets help women maintain their personal strength.People who have sudden mood swings should not wear bracelets because they will exacerbate this condition.
They can be worn with headaches, ear problems, eyes, teeth, because the lower ear contains points that correspond to these parts of the body.

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