40 interesting facts about Brazil

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The South American state of Brasil at the end of February welcomed millions of tourists and Brazilians attending a carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Everyone enjoys carnival days together as they dance to the crazy rhythm of samba.
1. The Amazon — the second largest river in the world. It is 6400 kilometers long. It accounts for one fifth of the world’s total water supply, with more than 200 rivers affecting the Amazon. At its confluence with the Atlantic Ocean, the river is 250 km wide. It runs through the Amazon rain forest as big as Europe. It gives 40% oxygen to planet Earth and is therefore called the lung of the world. It was named after the Greek myth of the Amazon.
2. Aquamarin – The largest amount of gemstone available in 35 shades of blue (as much as 90%) comes from Brazil. This country has large reserves of semi-precious stones (topaz and tourmaline).
3. Paulo Coelho – a world-renowned writer who is listed in the Guinness Book of Records whose book for life has been translated into the world’s major languages. The book The Alchemist has been translated into 67 languages ​​and sold in more than 65 million copies.
4. Carmen Miranda was born in Portugal in 1909 but is considered by many to be Brazilian. Fruits adorned with fruits (under which she wore nothing) earned her the title of sex bomb. Today she is an inspiration to many fashion designers. Transvestites most often copy her dress style.
5. Brazilian waxing – most women know this name. It is about completely removing hair with wax.
6. The Campana brothers – the biggest stars of product design are the Fernando brothers and Humberto Campana of Brazil. Artistic recycling of waste made them famous. Their furniture and lighting fixtures cost a fortune.
7. Eike Batista is the owner of an oil company. He is known for his extremely lavish lifestyle. He boasted that he would top the Forbes list of the richest men in the world for his 60th birthday (2016). However, his job with black gold failed.
8. Copacabanana – the world’s most famous beach in Rio de Janeiro. It is 4 kilometers long. Here are the legendary New Year’s Eve gatherings that bring together two million people. In 1994, there were 3 and a half million people at the Rod Stewart concert.
9. Alberto Santos Dumont – Aviation Pioneer. He gained worldwide fame in 1901 by flying over the Paris Eiffel Tower. It has a history of watchmaking. When Alberto complained to his friend Louis Cartier at the beginning of the last century that it was difficult for him to take a watch out of his pocket while flying a plane, Cartier then made a watch with a leather bracelet. So popular was the wristwatch for men who used to wear only pocket watches.
10. The pink dolphin living in the Amazon.2012 River has been declared a national treasure. It is included in the list of protected animals.
11. The best Formula I drivers were given by Brazil. These are: Ayrton Senna, Felipe Mass, Nelson Piquet, Emerson Fittipaldi. The left-handed Senna train is the greatest of all. He was a three-time all-around winner. In 1994, he was killed on a trail in San Marino.
12. In the slum settlements (favelas) on the outskirts of major cities live 11, 5 poor Brazilians. The first favelas were created in the late 19th century. They were founded by soldiers who did not have a home. There are about a thousand today. They are ruled by lawlessness, drugs and street gangs.
13. The most beautiful women in the world are thought to come from Brazil.Adriana Lima, Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio. They have contracts with fashion houses around the world and people say everything they turn-to-gold. At the top are Forbes lists of the highest paid models in the world.
14. The creative director of fashion house Calvin Klein (Francisco Costa) grew up in Guarani. His mother was the owner of a children’s clothing factory. He began his career as a carnival costume designer.
15. Comfortable soft rubber thongs (havaianas) come from Brazil. They were created in 1962, modeled on traditional Japanese sandals. Since then, summer shoes have been an indispensable worldwide.
16. In the early 1950s, Hans Stern (German emigrant) founded the most renowned jewelry company. Time magazine proclaimed him the King of Gems. 2007 Mr. Stern died.
17. Brazil’s most wanted street food is boiled eggs. They are on sale at the stands.
18. On Corcovado Hill (Rio de Janeiro) is one of the seven wonders of the world. The statue of Jesus is 39.6 meters high. It weighs 700 tons. It was built in 1926 in France.
brazil 3
19. At the border between Brazil and Argentina, there is the most spectacular waterfall in the world: Iguacu (great water in the language of the Guarani Indians). They originated at about 150 million years ago. They are 65 meters high. They are 3 kilometers wide.
20. Alexandre Herchcovitz is an avant-garde fashion designer from Brazil. She combines skulls with Walt Disney heroes in her creations. It uses gold coins, religious iconography, and materials that change colors in sunlight. The designs of this designer from São Paulo first conquered his mother and then the world’s fashion capitals.
21. The rich neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro was celebrated by the song “The girl from Ipanema” (Antonio Carlos Jobim). Even more than 50 years ago, it was the most performed song. to the author of this poem.
22. A carnival is held every year in Rio de Janeiro 40 days before Easter. Before Lent fasting is exaggerated with food, dance, music. All media outlets around the world publish photos of stunning samba dancers.
23. A third of the world’s coffee comes from Brazil. Of the coffee production, 3 and a half million people live in Brazil.
24. The recipe for seafood and fish stew is several centuries old.Moqueca (instead of water) is cooked on palm oil and coconut milk.The national drink of Brazil is Caipirinha whose main ingredient is Cachaca (a strong alcoholic beverage made by distillation from fresh cane sugar ).
25. 1969 Brazilian actress Leila Diniz stated “It is possible to love one person and have sexual intercourse with another.” This statement angered the authorities. Decreto Leila Diniz (Leila Diniz Regulation). Leila was killed in a plane crash when she was 27 (returning from Australia where she won the Best Actress Award).
26. The symbol of Rio de Janeiro is the Maracana Stadium. It is one of the most famous stadiums in the world. It was built in 1950 for the World Cup. It was the largest stadium in the world at the time, with a capacity of 200,000 seats and seating.
27. Brazil is called the state of football. At the time of all the detention, all workers are entitled to a break. .
28. The king of football, Pele, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. He scored 1281 goals in his career. He was named Footballer of the Century. The Brazilian government has banned its sale and although it is wanted by many clubs in the world, they have declared it a national treasure.
29. Oscar Neimeyer is one of the most influential architects of all time. He has completed 600 projects. Oscar N. Died 2012 10 Days Ago 105 Birthdays. It is recognizable by its abstract forms and lines. He found his inspiration in the mountains, the ocean, the streams of rivers.
30. Michelangelo with a slacpel is Ivo Pitanguy (the world’s most famous plastic surgeon). In his clinic he modeled many politicians, stars. He is known for doing free surgeries for people with birth defects.
31. Rio is a city known for its unique geographical image and numerous granite and quartz monolithic rocks. The sugar head is the most famous. She appeared in the movie Moonraker (about secret agent James Bond) and in an episode of The Simpsons.
32. Sergio Rodrigues is an architect who gained worldwide fame in the middle of the last century with imaginative armchairs. The armchairs are made of leather and wood.
33. Croatian travel writer and quiz enthusiast from Split Robert Pauletic dedicated one chapter of his book Brazil to 77 stories in this country.
34. Brazilian telenovelas have conquered the world. Viewers from more than 80 states watched Slate of Isaiah.
35. Sonia Braga is a worldwide actress from Brazil. She gained fame by acting in the movie The Spider Woman’s Kiss.
36. The wacky and crazy rhythm of samba is known by all people in the world. Samba is a dance that is constantly changing and modernizing. Today there are various variants (samba-funk, samba-rock, samba-reggae).
37. On many beaches, the rule applies – less is more. Thong underwear in Brazil is called dental floss.
38. Brazilian singer Gaetano Veloso is respected worldwide. He created the artistic direction of tropicalia. It is a blend of African rhythm, Brazilian rhythm and rock and roll
39. There is a 4 kilometer long promenade along Copacabanana Beach. It is made of a stone mosaic of unique design. It is the work of Brazilian architect Robert Burle Marx.
40. The flag of Brazil is a green background with a yellow rhombus. It is taken from the old imperial flag. Indicates the colors of the royal houses of Braganz and Habsburg that ruled the area until 1889. When the Federal Republic of Brazil was established, a blue globe with 27 white stars was placed in a yellow-blue rhombus. The stars represent the unity of the federal states. The Ordem e Progresso inscription (order and progress) is written on a blue globe on the flag of Brazil.

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