5 exciting destinations for 2020

1.George Town (Malaysia) —Hostels have long been synonymous with cheap lodging for the mostly younger population. In recent years, that has changed. Modern and designer hostels are being built. One of these is Sekeping Kong Heng (Ipoh, Malaysiya). It is a midway town between Kuala Lumpur and George Town. The hostel is located in an old neo-classical three-store building. The building is a former theater that was abandoned for years after the fire. The walls were left bare, the furniture minimalist. On the ground floor is the city’s best restaurant and lavish garden. There is a lot to see and experience in Ipoh. There is the famous Pasar Malam (Night Market) with cheap clothing and footwear and outdoor food. Asian pasta with vegetables, chicken and exotic spices is recommended. http://www.visit-malaysia.com
2.Verbier (Switzerland) has been named the best ski resort in Europe several times. After skiing and snowboarding on perfectly arranged trails, guests feel delighted. This Swiss ski resort turns into an outdoor club this afternoon with music for all tastes. A special charm is given by the numerous mountain houses for rent for several hundred Euros up to several thousand Euros. Top chefs and servants come for that price. The most famous are Nevai, Jenna, Haute Montagne, Le Rouge and La Marmotte. Les Trois Couronnes is part of the Abercrombie & Kent Group. An 18th century wooden house pays up to 200,000 Euros for weekly rent. Restaurants are expensive but top notch.https://www.myswitzerland.com
3.Argungu (Nigeria) – The first weekend of March is the fishery festival launched in 1934. In the Nigerian city of Argung, this festival is held in honor of Hasan dan Mu’az Ahmed, the sultan of the Northern Nigerian province of Sokoto. Thousands of young men fish in the Sokoto River. The largest fish caught is donated to the Sultan. The festival will coincide with the end of the harvest. Visitors can watch the competition or try donkey or camel riding, swimming, diving and canoeing. Famous Nigerian singers and musicians perform on numerous imposing stages for 4 days.https://travel.state.gov
4.La Pedresa (Uruguay) -Punta del Este has long been the most famous Latin American resort. La Pedresa is now a Punti competition. Yacht owners anchor their yachts in Jose Ignacio, a fishing town that pulses at the beat of the famous Dj.La Pedrera every night on the border with Brazil. Although there are no luxury hotels, guests are accommodated in beautifully decorated wooden houses.https://www.welcomeuruguay.com
5.Cuba – the former fortress of communism is changing. Golf resorts, high-end restaurants, luxury villas are witnessing the changes. The Atlantic Penthouse is located on Havana’s most famous Malecon Promenade. Similar changes are seen at the Varadero resort, where new tourist resorts and five-star hotels are built each year. http://www.visitcuba.com

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