Different bottles of perfume cover many love stories

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Looking at each perfume objectively, it is a commercial product for achieving a sense of comfort or expression of personal style. Looking from the romantic and subjective shit, perfume is a bottle full of emotions, romantic stories and anecdotes.
Chanel No. 75 bottle 5 is a perfect example of this. A seemingly ordinary chemical compound contains benzyl alcohol, distilled water, and a mixture of fragrant substances. But this sophisticated creation on women has always seemed overwhelming. The memorable slogan is remembered on the bottle of Old Spice perfume “That your grandfather did not use it – neither did you.”
Guerlain Jicky-Jicky is the oldest fragrance in continuous supply since 1889. It is long-lived as the Eiffel Tower, presented at the Exposition Universelle exhibition in Paris the same year. Aime Gurlain (son of the founder of the 180-year-old Gurlain House) dedicated his first love to a certain Jicky he met while living in London. It is the first modern perfume because it contained a note of cou-marine. The perfume was intended for women but was bought by men.
Givenchy L’Interdit – French designer Hubert de Givenchy created the perfume in 1957. He wanted to name him after his friend Audrey, but she answered “Non, c’est interdit.” (No, that’s forbidden). That’s how the perfume got its name. The relationship between the designer and the actress may not have been love but it was full of emotion. Rumors about their intimate relationship started in the fifties. Audrey has been to all of his shows. Hubert created the most beautiful creations for her. Thus, she gained self-confidence, overcame fear of public speaking and became a UNICEF ambassador. At her last resting place in the Swiss city of Tolochenaz (50km from Geneva), a lily-of-the-valley fan she was waiting for. Audrey was Hubert’s love of life.
Chanel cuir de Russie perfume – love by Coco Chanel and Dimitri Pavlovich started before the creation of Cahnel No5. Their love was the mediator for the creation of this perfume as Pavlovich introduced Coco to Ernest Beaux the creator of the perfume. The perfume is inspired by the smell of leather impregnated with birch resin, which made boots and bags for the Russian army.
Aramis JHL-Aramis is a Men’s cosmetic brand owned by Este Lauder. JHL was created in 1981. These are the initials of Joseph H. Lauder, wife of Estee Lauder. So Estee thanked him for his love and support-scented creation. After Joseph’s death, this perfume disappeared off the shelf but recently returned to retro as part of a retro collection of all Aramis perfumes.
Frederic Malle Perfume du Therese – The nephew of famed director Louis Malle bought the rights to the re-issue of Le Parfum du Therese because it is a perfume masterpiece and a perfume with a romantic past. It was an intimate perfume that Theresa had been using his wife for 50 years.
Annick Goutal Grand Amour – Annick Gautal assisted her father in Paris, who had a shop with handmade sweets. The French pianist, creator, antique dealer, opened her first perfume boutique in 1980 on Bellechasse Street in Paris. Among the perfumes were two dedicated to her lifelong love for Alain Meunier. The perfumes showcase all the romantic moments Annick spent with Alain.
Byredo Blanche perfumes – Ben Gorham’s tattoos of a former basketball player and founder of the Swedish perfume niche brand Byredo are in keeping with the creations he designs. Blanche is a creation dedicated to Natashi, a girl who does not like heavy perfumes. Blanche is a creation of musk, floral notes with an accent reminiscent of white linen.
Perfume L’Artisan Parfumeur Seville A L’Aube- “In Seville, I stand under a tree of bitter orange in full bloom in the arms of Roman, a black-haired Spaniard. His breath on my neck smells of white tobacco and manzanilla wine – we drank all night of the Easter vigil in the cloud of incense left floating in the air after the procession. ” turn into a perfume bottle. That’s how creator Bertrand Duchaufour created this perfume when he read the manuscript of his friend Denyse Beaullieu. This is how the idea of ​​fragrant perfume creation came about.

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