16 unusual hotels in the world

Travelers who want to try different accommodations without giving up on luxury can stay in a tree house, spacecraft replica or submarine. The possibilities are numerous.
Tree House Hotel
Location: Harads, Sweden http://www.treehotel.se
Special features: The hotel consists of several tree houses in a forest near the river Lula in northern Sweden. Every tree house is different. One looks like a submarine, one looks like a farmhouse, etc. All are luxuriously furnished. Rent for two persons about 200 Euros. http://www.treehotel.se
Location: Allauch, France
Special features: The hotel consists of six Plexiglas domes. Set in a pine forest in the beautiful Provence landscape 15 kilometers away from Marseille. Sleeping in them makes you feel like you’re sleeping under a clear sky with all the comfort. Each dome has a telescope for observing the stars in the sky. The overnight stay is about 120 Euros.https://www.hotel-lescigales.fr/
Space Center
Location: Transinne, Belgium
Special features: Within the European Space Center, a hotel has been opened where you can live as an astronaut. Overnight accommodation around 75 Euros.
Boeing 727
Location: Costa Verde, Costarika

Special features: The hotel offers accommodation in a remodeled plane set at a height of ten meters. It offers full comfort and a terrace from which you can watch the sunset in the Pacific. That enjoyment costs about US $ 500 per day.
Yellow Submarine
Location: Liverpool, UK
Special features: an old submarine in the port of Liverpool has been converted into a hotel. Named after the hit song by The Beatles. The rooms are decorated with photographs of members of this music group. You can have a drink while sitting on a rocker motorcycle. Overnight stay is about 150 Euros
Location: Courmayeur, Italy
Special features: On the Italian side of Mt. The Blanc at an altitude of 2,835 meters is the Gervasutti Mountain Shelter. It is not easy to reach but the view from it is spectacular. Sleeping over a chasm is unforgettable. The hotel was designed by the Italian architectural firm LEAPfactory. It is made of ecological materials and uses solar energy. Has an internal connection, does not provide comfort. Stay at this hotel is free.
Saguaro Hotel
Location: Palm Springs, USA
Special features: More than 300 sunny days in all rainbow colors in the California area attract tourists looking for a relaxing holiday in a quaint environment. Overnight is 170 USA.https://thesaguaro.com
Manta Resort
Location: Wete Zanzibar
Special features: Mantapokraj tourist complex on the island of Pemba. It offers rooftop mooring ten meters from the shore. Each room is luxuriously decorated. One room is below sea level so you have a view of the diverse world of the Indian Ocean. Overnight stay is 900 USA.www.themantaresort.com
TreeHouse Point
Location: Issaquah, USA
Special Features: Several tree houses in northwestern USA are a half hour drive from Seattle. Nudi locates in centuries old forest. It is intended for guests who want to be quiet and enjoy the relaxed and peaceful magnificent nature with comfort. The price for renting a tree house is about 200 USA.https://www.treehousepoint.com
Igloo Village
Location: Kakslauttanen, Finland
Special features: In the north of Finland, next to the Arctic National Park, this luxury hotel is located, with the largest sauna in the world. It offers accommodation in Eskimo houses (igloo) made of special thermal glass. In them you can observe the aurora borealis and experience the far north. Overnight accommodation is about 350 Euros.https://www.kakslauttanen.fi
Talatiodesal Hotel
Location: Colchani, Bolivia
Special Features: Located in the Salt Desert on a plateau where it rains every few years. It is built of hardened salt which is made a bar in the hotel bar. Here, guests are miles away from civilization. They can be thought of as explorers of unknown landscapes. The cost of the night is about 90 US.
Railway hotel
Location: Germans. The United Kingdom
Special features: old wagons have been converted into a hotel for all railway lovers. Located in an abandoned station in the picturesque part of Cornwall County, there is no luxury, the overnight stay is around 375 UK Pounds.
Montana Magica Lodge
Location: Huilo Huilo, Chile
Special features: In the Huilo Huilo nature park in the south of Chile, in the mountainous part of Patagonia, this hotel is located. It was built in the form of a magical mountain made of wood and stone. A waterfall collapses from its top. There is a ski resort nearby. Guests can go on glacier trips, canoeing, or enjoy walking and hotel spa treatments. All inclusive stay is 2000 USA for a week.

River Lodge
Location: Sabie River, The South Africa
Special Features: Offers luxury lodging in tree houses on a reserve near the Sabie River in pristine African wilderness. After the safari, guests can enjoy a guide on one of the terraces overlooking the beautiful scenery of South Africa. Overnight accommodation is about 250 Euros.https://sabieriverbushlodge.co.za
D Pet House
Location. Hollywood, USA
Special features: intended for pets. It contains luxuriously appointed rooms with all the comfort for your pets. They have playrooms and a guide for pets. Overnight accommodation is from 60 to 200 USA.https://hollywood.dpethotels.com
Amazon Luxury Cruisers
Location: Iquitos, Peru
Special Features: The luxury riverboat designed by architect Jordi Puig offers an excursion across the Amazon with ultimate comfort. The sides of the boat are made of glass so guests can enjoy themselves. The 7-day cruise is 6000 USA includes transportation from the capital city of Lima from the port of Iquitos.

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