5 exciting vacation destinations

In addition to the Wadi Rum desert and its landscapes of pastel colors, you can visit the Kingdom of Jordan (the mystical capital of the Nabeans). Petra is one of seven new world wonders carved in red rocks. The most beautiful mosaics can be seen in Madaba. From the nearby mountain of Heaven (the holiest place in Jordan), Moses watched the promised land. He is believed to be his last refuge on this mountain. When the weather permits from Mount Heaven, it offers views of the Jordan, Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. It is worth visiting Jerash – the most preserved city of the former Decapolis with the remains of the temples of Artemis and Zeus and the arch of Hadrian and 600 meters long colonnade. Of course a visit to the capital Amman is a must. http://www.visitjordan.com

Ethiopia – Some of Africa’s most fascinating tribes inhabit remote villages in the outflow of the Omo River. The villages along the river are inhabited by members of the Karo tribe known for body painting and for women who sacrifice their breasts to make them more beautiful. The scars on the chest of a Karo man testify that he killed a dangerous animal. Women of the Mursi tribe wear large disks on the lower lip and men are scarcely dressed. Members of the Hamer tribe are recognizable for their hairstyles and body decoration. Every detail has its meaning. For example, men wear as many earrings as women have. Members of the Arbore tribe are lavishly decorated with mostly aluminum beads and colorful jewelry. The tribe in Dorze Mountain Village builds unusual dwellings that can be up to 12 meters high. In the village of Konso, the tribe is inclined to the traditional way of construction and is known for totems to mark graves known as Waka.The natural beauties of Ethiopia are very interesting. Great Lake Chamo is home to crocodiles, Nile horses and thousands of pelicans. Mago National Park is full of antelope and gazelles.
Hautvillers (France) – The Hautvillers Abbey is open to visitors after a restoration where 17th century techniques were used. This is the home of the famous Dom Perignon sparkling wine. 650 The Hautvillers were founded by St. Nivard, then Bishop of Reims. About 850 of St. Helena’s remains were erected in the abbey, so this place began to attract pilgrims. Over the years, it was raided by the Normans, it was stolen during the Hundred Years War, robbed during the Crusades and destroyed during the French Revolution and two World Wars. In 1668, the head of the Hautvillers became blind to the regular home of Pierre Perignon, who turned the abbey into an estate with the largest vineyards in the region. To his credit, the abbey remained attached to wine production even during the reign of Louis XIV. She was known for sparkling wine and a spiritual mission. In 2009, the old monastery building and gardens were renovated. The Old Monastery Library has been transformed into the perfect drinking place for Dom Perignon.https://www.reims-tourism.com
The Marrakech-newer Selman complex is designed for all lovers of Arabian luxury. It was built on 15 acres of park located near Marrakech. The interior of the hotel was designed by Jacques Garcia a highly sought after decorator. Part of the luxury are thousands of Moroccan lamps, innumerable squares of the finest brains, deep armchairs covered with dark purple velvet, etc. The best accommodation is in the Atlas Deluxe apartment, which is more than 100 square meters. From the vast terrace you can see the snow-covered peaks of Atlas Mountain. The complex offers horseback riding. For complete privacy, there are several riads (Moroccan courtyard houses with a fountain).
mara 2


Switzerland – Traveling by bus to the most beautiful lakes and towns in Switzerland is an unforgettable experience. You should visit the Alprose chocolate factory in Ticino. Visit Lugano (Swiss Monte Carlo) and the Chateau de Chillon castle sung by Lord Byron. In the town of Bern you should see stone houses, streets and wells (a reminder of the Middle Ages), as well as the church of St. Petra in Zurich, which has the largest clock in Europe. In Lucerne you will be delighted by the Spreuerbrucke and Kappelbrucke bridges and the Jean Nouvel Convention Center – a marvel of contemporary architecture. The highlight of the trip can be a boat ride on Lake Vierwaldstattersee – the most beautiful lake in Switzerland. You can choose an evening cruise on Lake Lugano or a boat ride on the lake in Zurich and visit the Kunsthaus in Zurich, where the works of Monet, Van Gogh, Chagall and Munch are preserved. You should try the famous Swiss potatoes at the restaurants.

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