5 trips with an unusual occasion

toledo 2
Mongolia-summers are extremely short in this Asian country between Russia and China. It is one of the least explored areas. The great Buddhist temples in Ulan Bator, the red Blazing Rocks in Binzag (on the edge of the Gobi Desert), the fascinating Chuluutin Gol Gorge, a monastery dating from the descendants of Gingis Khan reached by a Russian military jeep, riding on camels by taiga. You can try unusual dishes: buuza (boiled beef stuffed with horse meat), Khuus-huura (fried meatballs) or salty milk tea, which becomes a soup with the addition of rice or vegetables. The Naadam Festival is a kind of reminder of the Mongolian warrior tradition with a lot of riding and archery.
Bergen (Norway) – The former capital of Norway is one of the best preserved Scandinavian cities. The port of Wagen is a reminder of the rich Hanseatic era when the city played an important role. Floibanen (funicular) drives to Floyen one of the seven hills above the city. From here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city and the fjords. The Oleana store sells hand-knit Norwegian sweaters. Bryggen is considered the best design store. Scandinavian art can be viewed in the galleries on Rasmus Meyers Avenue. City museums offer the perfect journey through the north past.
Toledo is the capital of the Spanish province of Castilla. The artist El Greco (born on the Greek island of Crete as Domenikos Theotokopoulos) moved to Toledo (after his education in Italy). He remained in Toledo until his death in 1614. Until the early 20th century, El Greco was unknown, but today he is regarded as one of the most respected artists of his time.
Barbados – an island country surrounded by the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Atlantic on the other. From May to August, the joy of sugarcane (which makes rum) is a joy. Concerts, exhibitions, culinary events are held at Crop Over (as they call these harvest festivities). These celebrations began in 1780. The biggest celebration takes place in the capital, Bridgetown, where a Cavalcade music and costume parade takes place over the weekend in May and June. The highlight of the parade is the first Sunday in August with the Cahobblopot (marking the end of the harvest) with plenty of dancing, music and rum.
Hvar – Croatia’s most glamorous island. Beautiful beaches, buildings and plenty of sunny days a year guarantee good fun and enjoyable holidays. The famous Carpe Diem Beach can be reached by taxi. From the port of Split to the island of Hvar, ferries arrive / depart daily several times a day during the summer season. Hvar Island is known for music festivals and lavender. Once you get there – you’ll want to stay.

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