French Bourjois – the longest lasting makeup in the world

It is well known that political systems are constantly changing, states are being redrawn, new companies are opening up and some are closing down. In all this constant turmoil, one thing is the constant need for women to beautify themselves. So it is not surprising that the French cosmetic brand Bourjois is the longest-running brand in the world. It survived all the world wars and economic crises. At the time of its creation, the makeup was not worn by “decent women” but by actresses, starlets, singers and entertainers. The first product of this company was intended for theater. It was designed by Paris-based actor Joseph-Albert Ponsin with the help of his business partner Alexandre-Napoleon Bourjois. The makeup at the time was like wax crayons today – sticky and impermanent. It has become synonymous with kan-kan and the famed Parisian cabaret Foliese Berger. What followed was the history of modern make-up: face powder made from the finest ground rice, the first compact blush for cheeks (1881), the first lipstick in a stick, fragrant extracts for soaking wipes. 1898 Bourjois had over 700 products. These products were sold in more than 120 countries around the world in the 1920s. To this day they have managed to preserve the spirit of Paris shaped by their imaginary muse Babette.Bourjois has been present in the cosmetics market for 157 years.


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